New Leadership for Overwatch

We want to let you know that Jeff Kaplan has decided to leave the company after a long and storied career here, and that Aaron Keller, a Blizzard veteran and founding member of the Overwatch team, will be stepping in as game director.

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Kaii18d ago

Ignoring the number of subs wow has, It's fair to say Blizzard has not only lost its Integrity but its creative spark.

Epicor17d ago

Integrity yes, but I still consider them (well at least OW team) to be very creative. What they showed about OW2 in recent Blizzcon was nothing but amazing. Losing Jeff is a big loss for the community however and might be a bad signal: maybe there is some trouble with the development at the moment.

Christopher18d ago

That personal note presented by Blizzard seems off to me. That's something I'd expect him to put on Twitter. But it has that Press Release smell all over it.

Epicor17d ago

Absolutely. After almost 20 years with Blizzard and he has only few words to say. Sounds like there was a big vision difference between Jeff and higher ups/investors. I bet investors were rushing the development schedule of OW2 but Jeff didn't want to compromise the game quality. He loves Overwatch way too much to do that. There is still a lot of amazing and experienced talent in Overwatch development team (Aaron, Geoff, etc.) but losing Jeff Kaplan is a HUGE blow.


Overwith in the news again 😒 Jeff did nothing about the balancing issues this game has. Been shit since 2017, every game mode unbalanced. When I did play I would have 99% of the time a mess of unbalanced players. Most do leave their profiles public so I can where they stand. Most matches I would have a bronze, gold, diamond even some masters on my team or the other. This is in comp, quick play, any mode. If I'm plat I want to stay with all plat not to be paried up with master, bronze etc. That shit is all behind me now, uninstalled it sometime last year and never looked backed. No matter how many posts people put up on the forums about this, all they do is here look more events. Well fuck you Blizzard LOL. One shit bag leaves another enters. Garbage in garbage out.

Christopher18d ago

You do realize that the Community Manager doesn't develop or make decisions, only communicated between the consumer and the company, right? These decisions are made by senior design and management, not community managers.


Well he does read the forums though but he never brought it to their attention. And he knew their were issues with the balancing but did nothing to try to fix the problems since about 2017. I highly doubt this new guy will do anything either. It was fun and pretty fair in 2016 going into I would say mid 2017 it was all down hill from there. I do not have any hope for Overwatch 2 either.

jib17d ago

People who whine about the balance in this game I would guess is trash or can't accept that their main will forever have a counter

Epicor17d ago

WTF are you talking about man? Overwatch has NEVER been in a better place when it currently is. The game is very well balanced at the moment. A lot of different team compositions are viable. Heck, every single hero was played during Overwatch league opening weekend. That's unheard of. No single hero is clearly overtuned. Of course some heroes will have higher pickrates than the others. That's how completely normal. But Blizzard has done excellent job during the past year or so when it comes to balance changes. They are mixing up the meta ever so slightly every know and then.

Also I have no idea why you completely straight up lie about bronze, gold and master players being in the same game. That shit is not happening unless you are playing a super niche game mode in arcade or unless you are a Switch player (the player base is simply too small). Games on PC are very well balanced. Few smurfs yes, that is a bit of problem. Balance is good also on PS/Xbox but a bit more smurfs out there. But nothing to break the gaming experience.

BenRC0117d ago

Just got into this game (4 years too late I know) and I love it! Great change of pace from cod clones