Rockstar issues surprise updates for LA Noire and Max Payne 3 on PC

Throws in all the DLC for free. It's a steal.

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andron18d ago

Would love a remaster of MP3. The load times were so long, it became a chore to play...

D3TH_D33LR18d ago

I’d love a remaster of the whole series but I really do miss Max Payne 3 multiplayer. That shit really slapped

roadkillers17d ago

I agree! After the story, the speedruns and trails were fun. Again, brought down by the loading.

Flewid63817d ago

Runs in 4K 60fps on PC with quick load times. Not sure how much more of a remaster they could do here.

At this point, might as well just do a remake.

andron17d ago

Yeah PC is good, was hoping for some console remaster though...

hiawa2317d ago

They can fix that by just adding the game to the Xbox back compat, 4K enhanced list.

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RaidenBlack18d ago

Max Payne 3, the good stuff. Played it on PC. Shooting and attention to detail was astounding.
Still looks pretty good to this day.
Would really love a sequel with better story-pacing and bit less psychedelic brooding.

TheColbertinator18d ago

LA Noire was a gem. Did not care for that ending unfortunately.

mkis00718d ago

Always felt it should have had a branching story depending on which cases were solved.

Patanu18d ago

I figured it was supposed to be disappointing, like how no matter how much good you do, some bad people are just going to get away with it. And that despite Cole being a good cop, he still had issues kinda shows that not everything has happy ending. Not saying it was good, but kinda fitting.

CobraKai18d ago

That’s what I felt. Lots of “noir” stories didn’t end well.

TheColbertinator17d ago

I felt that too but had hoped the endings would be different depending on performance or even key decisions.

Two endings that are considered "bad" would have worked for me.

King_Noctis18d ago

Man, it is as if they ran out of budget during development or something when they came up with that ending. A really disappointing ending to an otherwise great game.

TheColbertinator17d ago

Wouldn't surprise me considering Rockstar was pumping out phenomenal games at that time but the budget for LA Noire was astronomical.

1nsomniac18d ago

Played through both games recently and they both hold up better than most games released to date. Have not aged badly at all.

SDuck18d ago

Meanwhile, Atlus is preparing to make content of a game older than these 2 into DLC on the upcoming remaster for SMT Nocturne

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The story is too old to be commented.