The Finger Guns Podcast Ep. 104 - Is It Worth Buying Games Day One Anymore?

Ross @ FG: This week on The Finger Guns Podcast we get deep into the week’s Days Gone news, namely its creator lamenting players for not supporting the new IP when it was £60. Should we be paying for new games when they’re not as well reviewed as others? There’s plenty to discuss here.

We also get into the wild news that PlayStation have U-turned on the closure of the PS3 and Vita stores, along with the possible Square-Enix acquisition rumours. They’ve denied it..but what exactly is going on? Sean has a theory and it’s well worth considering.

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NecrumOddBoy22d ago

Days Gone is a strange one. It was well-received in the community and seemed to have sold well despite the mediocre reviews. The game unfortunately was the product of Sony having it go out unpatched. What also played into its stumble out the gate were reviewers at Kotaku, IGN, and Gamespot, who from the gate complained about the game being too white and threw the race card right on top of it. These large sites really put a lot of doom on it. I hope its PC port sees more attention. I put 95 hours into the game from start to platinum trophy. Despite a few minor technical hiccups, the game never crashed on me once and truly was an incredibly large world with a lot of lore and very good storytelling. The voice acting was top-notch as well. It was very RDR2 in its size and that can be daunting. The hordes were not introduced for nearly 20-30 hours in the story. If this game were set more linear a la TLOU it may have been better paced but the exploration really kicked ass. It's not just an Ubi-clone either and really added a lot to the world. Clearing out nests to fast travel, the bike upgrades, and the latter 1/3rd of the game just kept amping up to greater content. I highly recommend this to anyone.

anast22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Great game. And too bad it didn't mesh with game journo politics, even though the games wasn't supposed to be political or at least it didn't come off to me that way.