Warhammer Online: City Dungeon Itemization Changes

From Warherald:

"Game Update 1.0.6 introduced several changes to City Dungeon Itemization. These changes were intended to be part of patch 1.1 but were released prematurely with 1.0.6. They are part of our greater plan to increase the availability of rarer items in the dungeons as a whole. While the number of Sentinel Armor Set pieces dropped from bosses will remain reduced players can look forward to even more rewards with the arrival of 1.1!"

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Austin_SJ3700d ago

I'm picking this game up on the cheap, anyone else play it?

Topshelfcheese3700d ago

I play it on Badlands server, Destruction side. That server is really good for Orvr, its pretty active every night.

DirtyLary3700d ago

make sure you get on the Dark Crag server.

The action last night was incredible. Open RVR fights in all zones. Exactly what this game is supposed to be. And this was a weekday. I can't wait to see how crazy it will be over the weekend.

Austin_SJ3700d ago

cool thanks for the advice.