Spider-Man: Miles Morales Has Outsold The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima in the US

The Spider-Man franchise continues to be a juggernaut for Sony with the two most recent films performing well at the box office and now the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 action-adventure game, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, has become the best-selling PlayStation exclusive of the last 12 months.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been the fifth best-selling game in the US over the last 12 months, according to NPD figures. This puts it above other recent PlayStation exclusives, The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima. This is despite those games launching months earlier in June 2020 and July 2020, respectively.

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Snookies1222d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I mean, of course it would... It's a great game, sure. But it's the brand recognition that comes with Spider-Man that sells it like hot cakes. People have known his character since 1962. As opposed to the Last of Us franchise beginning in early 2010's and Ghost of Tsushima coming out last year. Spider-Man has had a seriously long time to gather more and more fans of all ages over the decades.

Army_of_Darkness22d ago

No, it's not the Spiderman brand recognition. It's because of it being an actual good superhero game. If you look back at all the previous Spiderman games, sales and quality doesn't even come close to this Sony exclusive.

EFFIN_Adduce21d ago

agreed its both but with brand recognition, Spiderman and marvel in general got a huge boost in popularity thanks to the newer marvel movies/avengers. doesn't hurt that it's an amazing game as well.

anubusgold21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

The Nintendo and sega genesis spiderman games were pretty good but you arent old enough to remember those lol. Also the batman nintendo game was good as well lol.

DarXyde21d ago

Imagine how poorly the previous Spider-Man games would have sold without brand recognition.

It is clearly a case of great game and recognition.

darthv7221d ago

Well all I can say is now I have two copies. I got the 4 version when I couldnt secure a 5 at launch. And now I have the 5 version as part of the bundle I got through GS. I will give my son the 4 ver.

StoneyYoshi21d ago

The MCU didn't exist for a good majority of those previous titles you are using as examples. This is a mix of a great developer making a great game on top of the brand recognition Marvel has had for the past 10 years.

bouzebbal21d ago

That's a massive achievement.. I didn't know spiderman franchise was this massive I never been interested in it before the game on ps4

20d ago
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LucasRuinedChildhood21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Being a PS5 launch game has definitely helped it sell even more than it was already going to. Resistance 1 was the best selling Resistance game because it was the best game during the PS3's launch.

I really wonder what Insomniac is going to do after all these Spiderman games.

BenRC0121d ago

Seriously misleading title. In the last 12 months.

RazzerRedux21d ago


"Seriously misleading title. In the last 12 months."

TLOU 2 and Ghost of Tsushima both launched within the last 12 months so that title is completely accurate.

PrinceAli21d ago

You people keep saying this but then when you get reminded these aren't the first Spider-Man games you guys then flip your argument and change your stance loool it's super weird

FallenAngel198421d ago

Brand recognition doesn’t always guarantee high sales. Just look at how the Avengers game underperfomed

20d ago
neutralgamer199221d ago (Edited 21d ago )


Then how come older Spider-Man games did not sell well even though it had the same brand recognition? It's about the quality.

No doubt perfect is brand recognition but quality still matters. This is why Sony were smart to allow Spider-Man to be used in avengers universe in return to have Spider-Man gaming IP exclusive to Sony(sony owns the movie IP-rights)

It's great for Disney because they get to use Spider-Man(disney seems to care more about movies than games) and it's a win for Sony because they get to have Spider-Man one of the most well known comic book characters exclusively available on their platform

Spider-Man played a huge role in Sony acquiring insomniac games

20d ago
neutralgamer199220d ago


Please learn how to have a mature conversation without calling fanboys. We have enough on this site as is

Spiderman 2 being great doesn't take away from this game. Just like without uncharted there wouldn't be new reboot of tomb raider and without witcher there wouldn't be a soft reboot of assassin creed. Games always take from each other to improve overtime. Point still stands that spiderman while a very important gaming IP never seen these highs before. And before it was available on multiple platforms at the same time which makes these sale feats even more impressive

TheTony31621d ago

It's not just brand recognition. The THQ games didn't sell anywhere near as good.

badz14920d ago

before this, Activision hold the license

20d ago

“Spider-man” brand recognition + being a pseudo-sequel to the best selling Sony PS4 exclusive + being cheaper than most new games since it’s not the same scale as the OG Spider-Man game + being the most hyped launch title for a console that has been perpetually sold out + the Miles Morales movie that did very well recently (and their in-game skin is the best part of the game, imo) = it was destined to be THE game that everybody bought.

In contrast, Last of Us 2 is a miserable experience (AS IT SHOULD BE IT’S PERFECT), and Ghost of Tsushima had to compete with Assassins’ Creed (I’d rather chase the wind than dots, but that’s just me).

20d ago
1Victor21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I’ll believe it when Sony say it not a website based on fake numbers from a alternate reality with a sprinkle of hate and bias.
I got nothing against the game

RazzerRedux21d ago

This information is coming from NPD, not vgchartz.

Class_Viceroy21d ago

I’m pretty sure many people who discovered spider man in the 60s and 70s and are now 60-80 years old themselves today, are probably not gaming spider man on their PS4/PS5.

Also Marvels Avengers kind of negates your point because that game had more brand recognition , yet still failed.

21d ago
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RazzerRedux22d ago

That is an impressive feat indeed. 👏

Sitdown22d ago

Just out of curiosity, what makes it that impressive for you? I would think it's to be expected, and was simply a matter of time.

r2oB21d ago

@ Sitdown

Spider-Man MM has been out half the time as TLoU2 and Ghost of Tsushima (5 months vs. 10 months) and outsold them. Perhaps that is what he finds impressive.

For most people graduating high school is “simply a matter of time”, usually occurring around 16-18 years of age. Would you not be impressed if someone did the same feat in only half the time (8-9 years old)?

RazzerRedux21d ago

Because TLOU 2 was breaking records in a matter of days and has now been out almost a year. Spider-Man is a powerful franchise, but I think outselling last year's GOTY in nearly half the time is impressive.

Sitdown21d ago

Spiderman is a beloved franchise that has been around waaaaay longer, and has way more appeal than The Last of Us and Ghost of Tsushima. Not to mention the success of the last game.
TLOU 2 had people trying to make it tank, and Ghost is a new entry. On top of that, didn't Miles launch at a lower price point, and it's on two consoles. So no, using the graduation example is horrible.

neutralgamer199221d ago


Your argument isn't right because before sony there were spiderman games which didn't sell. It still had brand recognition but didn't have quality.

TheGoodestBoi21d ago

Avengers is also a well known franchise. So how well did that sell. Go sit down

Aquafiniac21d ago

Well at the same time just like LOU2 as you said, didn’t several people try to give it bad press also. It’s an over priced DLC, it’s not even a full game.
I think you were one of them lol.

But either way it’s still pretty impressive.

Sitdown21d ago


Are you forgetting that since those bad Spider-Man games there has been a ton of successful movies? The franchise was not being used such, to the point that it changed hands. Look at the sales of the last game, and reception, and tell me why Miles wouldn't sell well. The last Spiderman game easily eclipsed the original TLOU. And you still didn't address the fact that Miles released on 2 consoles and say a lower price point..with one being a new console where new content is limited.

I welcome you to find any post of mine where I said any such thing about TLOU. If we are going to have a discussion, don't just randomly make up stuff. And not saying it didn't happen, but I didn't see anyone say TLOU 2 was over priced DLC.

StoneyYoshi21d ago

"I welcome you to find any post of mine where I said any such thing about TLOU."

He was talking about Miles Morales being called just DLC and not a full game. I have no claims of you doing such since I could care less to go look for a pointless opinion someone might have. Im just letting you know you misunderstood what he was saying there.

seanpitt2321d ago

You can’t give the last of us P2 away everybody must of traded it in

Class_Viceroy21d ago

Yeah Sitdown I can feel your tone just oozing out of your message. What is there not to understand? TLOU2 and GoT were award winning games and probably 1A and 1B in most (not all) of the GOTY conversations. And they came out months before Spider Man.

So it wasn’t really expected at all. Even if you don’t like the word “impressive”, it’s most definitely a surprise to the majority this is fact.

Sitdown21d ago

At this point Spiderman has pretty much sold more than TLOU 1 & 2 combined. Winning game of the year awards doesn't equate to sells, just equates to being well reviewed and well received. Again, you have Miles following a successful Spiderman being launched on two consoles going against a new franchise, and a sequel that was getting backlash. Did I mention that Miles was launched during the holiday season with a more inclusive rating on two consoles? Yeah, to be expected.

RazzerRedux21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

You are trying way too hard to diminish the success of this game.

"The Last of Us: Part 2 is now PlayStation’s third highest-grossing video game ever in the United States.

That’s according to the latest report from NPD Group, which indicates that the Naughty Dog exclusive is behind only Marvel’s Spider-Man and 2018’s God of War in life-to-date dollar sales for Sony’s first-party titles."


At what point do we just say, PlayStation sells a ton of games?

20d ago
Sitdown20d ago

Wow, you are completely off base. This has nothing to do with diminishing sales, but understanding that a global brand, plus a ton of recent successful movies, and a recently successful game easily would equate to ridiculous sales. It seems you keep forgetting that Miles is a cross generational time that was also a launch game for a system with slim pickings. It opened to a bigger fan base, with a different type of momentum. I have no need to diminish sales, but if you pull back from the emotional attachment of liking any of the games, it's easy to see why this was possible, and in short order.

Flewid63820d ago

There are bad Spider-Man games, and good Spider-Man games, none of which have achieved this.

So yeah....its definitely impressive.

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1Victor21d ago

Thanks for the info I don’t even click on their links. Video games cancerous sites like that should die A.S.A.P without a grave

Duke1921d ago

Gamers fascination with sales are wild. I really enjoyed Spiderman, but I don’t think it held a candle to the experiences I got from either TLOU2 or GoT.

Articles like this just feed the circle jerk

Christopher21d ago

I don't see a problem with wanting to see a game sell well when it means potential for new games in the series. That is how the businesses tend to determine sequels, based on those silly sales figures.

PS-Gamer-198621d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Yes that's what many sales deniers won't or some DON'T WANT (even sometimes for obvious fanboish reasons) to understand. Companies don't make games (or consoles) out of charity. If they make a game, they want it to sell. If it sells, they possibly will make a sequel, if not chances are high they won't.

Imho a portion of gamers denial for the importance of good sales are wild

Duke1921d ago (Edited 21d ago )

It’s not bad that a game sells well. It’s the fascination in wanting to say “it sold better than something else”.

And it’s also why we will never get another interesting game like Days Gone, but we will continue to see Madden and COD rehashes dominating charts.

Christopher21d ago

***It’s not bad that a game sells well. It’s the fascination in wanting to say “it sold better than something else”.***

1. That's not what you said originally.
2. No one is in this talking about it other than saying they were surprised it sold better than two much bigger games from Sony, which you brought up yourself as being "better experiences" and likely why people might be surprised why it sold better.

Rimeskeem21d ago

I think the fascinations stems from knowing that it means they will likely get another. Gamers use their wallets to show what they want. Knowing a game sold well, at least to me, means that more games like those will come out.

Class_Viceroy21d ago

I agree. The only way we ever really know is if the company tells us it’s coming. Otherwise it’s all speculation and the sales help tell that story.

Take a game like Outriders for example. It had a shaky launch with server issues and bugs. Also had very average reviews at around 75 on Metacritic. Gameplay though is fantastic and it’s quite possibly one of the best looters on the market. This could easily be a game franchise that’s one-and-done. However, the sales have been really good so far, and the game has gotten a ton of fanfare and exposure despite its shortcomings. Knowing the sales makes me more confident that I can invest more time in this game in hopes of future DLC might come, and that there is a chance they develop a sequel which can improve in its flaws. I will take more of a chance getting invested into the franchise. Now I might be wrong, and we never know 100%, but that’s partly how I make my decision

RazzerRedux21d ago

How games products perform is of interest to many of us who follow the industry. What I don't understand is why people like you feel the need to get on a soapbox and criticize others for having an interest you don't share. Why are you commenting here at all? I have zero interest in Pokemon. You know how many Pokemon articles you will find me posting in? Zero.

knightedHollow21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

A game selling more than another doesnt make said game any better or worse.
COD sells amazingly and we all know theyre not amazing, breathtaking and innovative games compared to many other titles out there.

A game selling well is always a good thing for all involved whether or not you liked the game.

Flewid63820d ago

Or its just a talking point for people who like to have conversations.

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Bathyj21d ago

I heard this was a flop.
And DLC.

jeromeface21d ago

sounds like someone lives on reddit

galmi21d ago

doesnt change it being a dlc just cuz it sold well

RazzerRedux21d ago

Doesn't make it DLC just because you need a reason to downplay the game. It is a stand alone game, not a extension of an existing game. Thus, not DLC. That's simply a fact.

Flewid63820d ago

How did you manage to live life believing that when you have all this internet at your disposal?

Bathyj20d ago

Sorry I forgot sarcasm does exist on the internet unless you use /s.

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