ezGear is Out to Get Our Imaginations

Graham Bennett writes:

"I don't know about you, but my favorite feature of the Wii is that it allows me to pretend again without looking like a nut job. Holding a little piece of plastic and going "pew, pew" at my TV wasn't anywhere near as crazy as it used to be, not to mention all the air guitar-style fantasies I got to relive through the Wii _____ series. As if the lackluster Wii Zapper wasn't enough to get my imagination pissed, now ezGear is convinced we need extra attachments for everything, including the most recent Wii Music."

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LokMessier3694d ago

I honestly...don't know what to think, except I wonder if these are going to fly off the shelves as fast as the Wii flies off the shelves...