Rejoice: Xbox Mini-Fridges Are One Step Closer To Reality

What began as a joke is becoming a real product, as Microsoft is now actually making Xbox mini-fridges after defeating Skittles in a Twitter marketing competition. Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg, who is in charge of this campaign, has now provided an update on how the fridges are coming along. He said on Twitter that Microsoft is making progress on the fridges, recently getting a first look at the design proposals.

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franwex21d ago

Strange, but cool.

Would be cool if it could also work as a console/fridge.

BrainSyphoned21d ago

Just buy up all the fridge making companies and pretend you love refrigerators and the people who buy them.

DJStotty21d ago

Lol, what started as a meme, is now going to make Microsoft money, great way to capitalize on negativity.

Now all we need is a PS5 style router lol