The Seven Worst Consoles of All Time

Forget your PlayStations and your Xboxes - not every console made has been such a success. Here are the 7 worst consoles of all time.

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darthv7220d ago

I would add the VM Labs Nuon. Neat idea of using regular DVD players to double as game systems but it flopped hard. Only had a handful of games.

Nyxus20d ago

I still have a sealed Tiger R-Zone, lol

IRetrouk19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

I had one of them lol, headaches were never a thing for me till I got one of those🤣, loved it though.

Duke1920d ago

I wanted to make sure the Dreamcast wasn't on there. But then it was a shitty "1 item per page" slideshow sites so.... no thank you

Trilithon20d ago

cant stand that garbage click bait slide show bs. every article on that site LOL

Agent7520d ago

Anyone remember the Commodore 64 console? The Amstrad GX4000 doesn’t look too bad. The Japanese Famicom is the worst looking console I’ve ever seen. The Barcode Battler another. Even the NES was an ugly slab of plastic.

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The story is too old to be commented.