Resident Evil Village: Exclusive Hands-On with the First 5 Hours of the Full Game - IGN

IGN: "Our hands-on impressions of the first massive chunk of gameplay in Capcom’s action-horror theme park."

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0rbital7120d ago

i think most folk buying this will give that vid a hard pass.

saint_seya20d ago

Somehow i didnt like it, felt like generic fps.. idk i liked 7 better.

gamingtext202020d ago

I tried to enjoy it, but I hated the fact as soon as the demo started I had to start running because of that stupid timer.

But in end, I did enjoy it. I know this is just a demo, but I hope the final product you can dismember the lycans, like you did the molded in RE 7.

BenRC0119d ago

Me too. Lunatic with a shovel is way more scary than monsters.

T2X20d ago

They're just going to keep spoiling this for us aren't they? LOL.

foker20d ago

Liked the demo a lot, just replaying re7 on PSVR and VR alone makes it better for me personay,. Think I will enjoy Resi8( Especially whole upgrade thing and Inventory Tetris ,.bu I doubt it is going to dethrone PSVR Resi7

BenRC0119d ago

Waiting for resi 8 on psvr2. That big bitch is gonna get some vr motorboating.

Thundercat7719d ago

Buying the game day 1. Skipping all demos and this stuff.

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