Resident Evil Village Is The Baker House By Way Of Resident Evil 4 - GameSpot

From GameSpot: "As more and more tidbits of information, looks at gameplay, and tease-heavy trailers have been released for Resident Evil Village, the impression that it's taking major cues from Resident Evil 4 has been growing. With a new in-depth look at the eighth mainline entry into the survival horror series, that's never been more true.

Where Resident Evil 7 was a first-person horror game that seemed heavily inspired by the original, mansion-exploring Resident Evil from way back in 1996, Village borrows more from the action side of the franchise's history--although it definitely still looks to pack the scares that made its predecessor so effective."

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cooperdnizzle25d ago

A duh. Blind man could see that.

jamesclark199125d ago

I watched the demo playthrough and I'm really not sure on the 1st person view. Seems like it would be better in 3rd person, hope I'm wrong though.