Play at Home Update – Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition free starting today


Hi again! Back in March, we shared the news that PlayStation fans can get 10 free games this Spring to help make time spent at home a bit more fun. We were really excited to highlight some of our favorite indie partners and I really hope you had a chance to download these amazing games (and I’d love to hear what your favorite is so far, if you want to drop a note in the comments).

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ApocalypseShadow96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

And I'll be adding it to my collection starting tonight. Lol.

I bought the physical version and finished it. But free digital plus extra is FREE. And I get to play the expansion for free. Thanks Sony.

It's insane that a market leading company that's worth just over 100 billion, gives away top games like this compared to a 2 trillion company that gives away nothing...Crazy. Can't complain.

Sure. It's straight up advertising for the sequel...I'll take it gladly. That's the best type of ad. A free game with no strings attached.

Jin_Sakai95d ago

I’m just waiting on a PS5 patch. 60fps would be great.

Army_of_Darkness95d ago

This will definitely create further interest in the sequel, thus more sales in the end! Smart move Sony... Smart move.

CBaoth95d ago

Patch should've dropped the day the PC version was released. Knowing Sony probably saving it for the pre-launch hype buildup for the sequel.

LucasRuinedChildhood95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

On the framerate graph, I believe there's even a moment when you load in that the framerate is at 60fps before the cap to 30fps is applied. Hopefully we'll hear of a 60fps patch soon just like the R&C patch was announced after it was made free.

It's free up until 14th May, so let's see. If you have a Twitter account (I don't), I suppose you could upvote all these comments asking for 60fps (pretty much the whole thread). haha.

Lore95d ago

And Sony could inch their way toward becoming a trillion dollar company if they would begin to expand and invest. EVO and a 1% stake in Epic isn’t going to do it unfortunately.

Darkborn95d ago

They also recently bought funimation and crunchyroll, plus they invested in epic twice, kodagawa, and announced partnerships with a few other companies like denuvo and Square Enix, plus of course they have the backing of epic and the backing of Capcom, among others. It's not like thier just sitting around doing nothing.

TheGreatGazoo3095d ago

LOL. Sony is not even close to becoming a trillion dollar company and not headed in the right direction to do it either. Not saying Playstation sucks, it's the bright division in the company. They're currently $900 billion dollar away, it's taken them 70year to get to $100 billion. To put it in perspective, Microsoft has over $134 billion in cash.

Chevalier95d ago

Plus their mobile game the year before Fate Stay made over $4 billion

abstractel94d ago

To me they have been the most consistently good company for gamers and I hope that doesn't change. To be clear, doesn't mean I don't think they've made mistakes. Also owned many non-Sony consoles but until MS gets some great exclusives I'm PS5/PC this gen.

Corporations are corporations, I'm just saying I think Sony's strategy has worked well for me as a gamer and I believe they've really pushed gaming forward because they've allowed for games like The Last of Us. They've taken risks with game ideas. I was worried when they started releasing PS4 games on PC but has gone away since now that I see the pattern, and still am a bit worried that all games this year are PS5/PS4 (except for Ratchet and Clank) crossover titles. It's a bit disappointing but I understand their reasoning.

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darthv7295d ago

MS did give away Halo 5 not long ago. As well as other games too. And not just via GwG.

ApocalypseShadow95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

That might be true. But..Umm..Darth...

Don't you have to **PAY** for GWG or GPU? That don't sound like free and no strings attached. That sounds like money exchanged. This game is completely free for gamers to feel happy about something besides the morbid and stressful thoughts of dealing with covid.

Wasn't that Halo 5 promotion for signing up on Monster's website? Like giving away personal information by signing up? That sounds like a catch.

Has that other company gave away something for FREE like this? I mean, no money exchanging hands or third parties collecting your personal data? Let me know.

DOMination-95d ago

Microsoft Rewards. Log in every day for five minutes to do some simple tasks and GPU or Xbox Store credit pays for itself. Plus Microsoft use that initiative to donate millions to a charity (that the user can select).

kneon95d ago


I've also received lots of free games from Microsoft.

I've been using Bing for years and have earned hundreds of dollars so far. I use them to buy a Best Buy gift card and then usually use that to buy a Playstation gift card.

darthv7295d ago

@shadow, they have given away several games, no strings attached. You can even find the articles on N4G about them. Phantom Dust, Too Human, and a few others. Totally free to anyone.

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Redrex700095d ago

they already made their money worth from this game
keep in mind this game in there greatest hit collection

Sitdown95d ago

My goodness, do you have stock in Sony? I do, and still don't feel the need to go overboard like that.

ApocalypseShadow95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

You mad? Lol

I tell it like it is. Truth sometimes stings.

We've been fed nothing but nonsense recently trying to play off Sony as anti consumer and Jim should be fired.

This free game among other free giveaways don't look anti consumer to me. And this is being giving away under Jim. The man you guys love to hate for no reason.

Sitdown94d ago

Mad at what, you having an orgasm over a company that wants your money? Hahah Show where I posted a single thing of hate towards him. I don't even follow the company that close, and here you are a front line solider....winning what exactly?

You small minded? Lol.

Orchard95d ago

They aren't doing it out of the goodness of their heart... it's a smart business move.

Most PS4 owners likely already have the game. They will attract players who didn't buy it (or are new to PS with PS5) and may try it and get hooked and buy the sequel. The complete edition is only $17 at retail so not a huge money loss for Sony given most probably already own it.

4U2NV95d ago

I already have the game completed it twice and its still an attractive deal for me so il download, never got round to playing the dlc so yes I am well happy about this

Chevalier95d ago

Cool. Would be nice if Xbox or Nintendo would give away some games for free too. I doubt that happens though.

SullysCigar95d ago

Yes, it's a smart business move. And one where the gamers win too. That's the difference here. So stop hunting the negative as per usual and let people be excited and grateful to get something amazing for FREE.

darthv7295d ago

@chev, yes MS has done that several times. Not sure about the big N though.

95d ago
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Epicor95d ago

It's great to get the triple A game and expansion for free. I haven't yet played the game so I will surely at least try it out (open world games are not usually my thing but this one might be an exception).

However you guys cannot be that naive to think that Sony is doing charity here. Horizon is hardly selling any new copies anyways so giving it away for free will only benefit them:
- Improves the image of Playstation in general = fan service.
- Gets new players hooked in with the franchise. Will help to boost sales of the sequel (like you correctly mentioned).
- MOST LIKELY (not announced): Guerilla will release a PS5 upgrade patch sometime in near future. It won't be a free patch but rather a $10 upgrade patch with some minor new content like e.g. for THPS remake. Growing the install base of Horizon owners means that there will also be more sales for the PS5 upgrade.

Stop treating gaming industry like one company is good and the other one is bad. There is no heroes nor nemesis here. This fanboy shit is pretty lame. Same stuff has happened with Apple product for ages. These are billion dollar companies trying to make most revenue and profit possible. Of course, part of good business practices is to keep your customers happy. For that, I feel Sony have done a better job than MS for quite some time already.

TheRealTedCruz95d ago

Let me know when they give away a brand new exclusive. That I will call generous.

Getting a free game is awesome, but they're just marketing for the sequel, and you're on your knees treating them like gods.

It's not like they're giving away the PC version as well. They're giving away the version they see little money with at this point.

ApocalypseShadow95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

You mean like getting a free game with the PS5?

What free game came with that other system? Lol. Were there any new first party exclusives for launch? And, The Medium isn't first party. You can't use that.

Epicor94d ago

Try to reason with N4G and see the downvotes pouring in. Not only they are marketing the sequel here but also most likely they are growing the owner-base because they plan to release a PS5 upgrade patch that won't be free (same than what was done with THPS 1-2).

I also love Sony for giving me this masterpiece for free. But for god's sake why people are treating billion dollar companies like their big brother who they look up to. I'm 35 and been a fan of Sony products since they entered the gaming industry but I feel that this fan-boy culture has gotten out of hands.

durran395d ago

Have you heard of Gamepass? We got, Outriders, Doom Eternal, Control, Forza 7/Horizon, Gears 5/Tactics/all the latest sports titles 2021 version and a ton of other incredible games. No one else provides such good value that you get from gamepass

note: watch the thumb downs

Napoca795d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Have you heard about paid subscriptions and completely free games ? Also games leave from gamepass, but the real free games remain here.
Ps5 is the best value till now, if you dont want to pay anything . You can play all f2p free and also get many real free games from sony, without any subscription. Also astrobot .
2weeks ago we just got 10 free games!
So sorry, in this point with real free things, Sony is much better.

ApocalypseShadow95d ago

Your post is influencer advertisement. And your have to pay money each month. That's not free and clear.

Try again.

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