RPGfan : Iffermoon Review

Neal Chandran writes "Iffermoon is an independently developed RPG that pretty much came out of nowhere this year and gobsmacked me. The game has absolutely gorgeous dreamlike 2D visuals, killer music, a solid storyline with nicely written dialogue, fun gameplay including some sweet mini-games, and the best part of all is that it's absolutely free! I am in complete disbelief that Iffermoon is a freeware game and not a game I would find for retail price at my local video game shop. Many independent projects I've played are games that really look and feel "indie" in the vein of lo-fi music recordings. Those kinds of games I would pay indie prices for (read: $20 or less). However, I would gladly pay a commercial retail price for Iffermoon because its production values make it look and feel more like a higher-budget commercial title rather than an indie freeware project. Iffermoon is a charming and unique RPG that can share company with the likes of Valkyrie Profile and Popful Mail. "

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