Mortal Kombat movie actors want to be put in MK11

Four of the Mortal Kombat movie actors want to be MK11 DLC. It's not an outlandish wish since the 2019 fighting game recently added actors from the 1995 film into the game.

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fitofficial25d ago

Might as well. What's another 10 gallons of piss to a franchise that's literally an ocean of piss?

SegaSaturn66925d ago

Isn't it like the best rated fighting game ever?

Patanu25d ago

Now I'm no a dietitian, but I think that's a bit too much salt, might wanna cut back.

25d ago
Dwarrior25d ago

Not the worst attempt I've ever seen. But you new trolls lack subtlety or nuance. Too on the nose.


Flewid63824d ago

Successful games are the new piss? Damn thats edgy.

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ZeekQuattro25d ago

I see no harm adding skins from the latest movie. Kinda surprised it wasn't announced and made official ahead of theatrical and HBO Max release.

chiefJohn11725d ago

I personally hate the MK movie cast they just don't fit the characters well imo. Especially raiden

Dandizzle25d ago

Agreed, new MK movie cast doesn't appear to fit the characters. Except Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion. That is the one casting choice I was ok with.

Christopher25d ago

I'm hoping they hired based on talent and not matching specific looks to a tee.

ManMarmalade25d ago

Yeah we dont want another live-action dragonball 🙃

Christopher25d ago

Another Avatar: The Last Airbender

abstractel25d ago

Instinctually I want to say I'd love to have this DLC but wait until I've seen the movie. It's not that I expect a great movie or anything, but I hope it's fun. The opening 7 minutes doesn't really reveal much but I did like some of the attention to detail and I did like the little action that was in it. Kano is to me, personally, the one character I've seen in the trailer that I dislike the most just visually but the movie might win me over if your hope is true, Christopher, that the actors were chosen carefully.

chiefJohn11725d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Umm looks play into acting. Mk characters throughout the franchise have had various looks. Having someone young looking play Raiden for example is not a fit. Having any random fit black dude play Jax isn't a fit. You wouldn't have a just anyone play say...Mario? It's a certain look that has to gel well. I wish the people they face capped and voiced in the MK11 game played them as most nailed it.

From the trailer just about every character was not pleasing. Sonya Bkade is fine just about any blonde can play her tbh and Liu Kange wasn't bad. Subzero and Scorpio is passable it's really all about the voice acting and costumes with them since they're masked. Which btw their costumes was not made well. Way too loose fitting. Like damn the lin kuei don't have a tailor? Lol. Milleena is also passable.
They butchered the Raiden Kasting (they always have in the movies tbh) Kano he's just not it, really not feel the dude playing Jax.

Christopher25d ago

I don't think it's as bad as you chief. That's cool. I'm not sitting here and calling the movie a success, but it also does feel like they are trying to "reboot" some elements of the universe and probably some new looks for the future. I get you won't like that, but I don't see an issue with it if the movie is well written, has good action, and the actors pull it off without having to look just like the characters we've known for over 20 years.

Because, if they just made a movie like the first two movies, focusing more on looks? I'd rather they just not or stick to animated (Joel McHale was a perfect voice for Johnny Cage in the one animation I've seen, btw).

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ScootaKuH25d ago

Christopher lambert was a better raiden 😉

Flewid63824d ago

That man could hardly act. Nostalgia classes are on tight I see. lol.

chiefJohn11723d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Hell no he was a horrible raiden. However he was a better casting than the current dude. Complete mismatch. Idk why the movies fail raiden so badly

Wolf87325d ago

Likewise, Raiden for me is the biggest miscast. But waiting to reserve final judgement till I've seen the movie. Jeff Meek alongside Lambert portrayed Raiden the best.

Flewid63824d ago

Scorpion is the most badass casting ever.

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blacktiger25d ago

in app purchase isn't hard. Look at league of legends with 200 fighters and each is like 11 skins

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