Best Buy has a massive 4-day sale on video games going on right now

If your current game collection is looking a bit stale these days and you’re looking to freshen things up with new titles, Best Buy has a killer four-day sale going on right now.

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Tigerblud21d ago

It's not that great of a sale.

21d ago
StoneyYoshi21d ago

It never is lol. All the good stuff is hardly on sale most of the time.

CyberSentinel20d ago

It’s nothing more then advertising revenue. This is why I barely read N4G anymore, even there “articles” are advertisements.

CobraKai20d ago

Usually the holidays have good stuff.

SlothLordPootus20d ago

I shit you not, I just saw Rage 2 is "on sale" for $55. I literally bought that game a couple months ago for $10. FROM BEST BUY.

Orchard20d ago

"Best Buy has a killer four-day sale"

Not sure I'd classify this as 'killer'.

anast20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

A bunch of expensive stuff that no one wants is not usually classified as a "sale". Shouldn't these articles be useful to gamers not the other way around?

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The story is too old to be commented.