Mozilla to pull antiphishing feature from Firefox 2.0 at Google's request

Mozilla Corp. will drop antiphishing protection from the final version of Firefox 2.0 at Google Inc.'s request when Mozilla updates the browser later this month, a company executive confirmed today.

When Mozilla rolls out Firefox, the browser will be missing the antiphishing feature that the aging browser has sported since it debuted in 2006, said Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox, in an e-mail today.

"The latest published update for Firefox 2, which is Version, has the Phishing Protection feature enabled and working," Beltzner said. "However, the next planned update for Firefox 2, Version, will be required to disable this feature."

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verb3k3694d ago

Not important news. It's because the anti-phishing protocol in FF2 is very old now that it has to be stopped (google can't support it forever)
FF3 still has anti-phishing.

Sircolby453694d ago

Oh well...There is really no reason to stay on firefox 2.0 anyway. Firefox 3 is leaps and bounds better.

Tony999Montana3694d ago

I didnt realise people still used firefox 2. Whats the point now that 3 is out?

Gue13694d ago

new doesn't necessary equals better you know...