Days Gone PC vs PS5 (PS4 Pro) Comparison Shows Minimal Differences

An early Days Gone comparison video has surfaced, comparing the recently-released PC footage to the game running on PS5.
While the video is said to compare the PS5 version of the game to the upcoming PC version, it should be noted that the PS5 is running the PS4 Pro version of the game through the console’s backward compatibility feature. And yes, Days Gone did receive a PS5 patch earlier but this only improved the game’s framerate and loading times. The PS4 Pro version of the game runs in checkerboarded 4K resolution.

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seanpitt2324d ago

I am glad pc guys get to experience this game I bought it for PS4 pro on release day and still have it.. it was a great experience it did have some bugs but the gameplay atmosphere was well worth it right and till the very end. It’s a shame they are not doing a part 2 the foundations are there they just need a new map story and upgrade some parts and it would of been good to go

SDuck24d ago

I'm glad to see people like you, who are just glad a good game is being made available to a whole new audience instead of wanting to keep it exclusive for "platform supremacy". Hopefully its sales on Steam are successful enough to make Sony reconsider a sequel. I'm definitively checking it out myself

Robodrake18d ago

Personally im even more thrilled that's it's going to PC for that reason. 1) more people get to experience this gem, i get the feeking pc players will love this game. 2) If it's successful there, then we will get a sequel. I think Sony is aware of this too. In this case it's a win-win for everyone, for it going to PC

Lazerdone24d ago

I didn't have any bugs at launch

frostypants23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

It still has bugs even now. Mostly related to sequencing of NPC radio dialogue...where you'll discuss something one minute and then they'll radio you 30 seconds later and mention the very thing you literally just covered (or Deacon will radio them and do the same). Maybe not hard bugs, but certainly unintended.

Still a pretty good game and outside of some NPCs, a visual showcase. And when you stumble across your first real zombie horde in the wild you'll definitely remember it (pro tip: run).

Lazerdone22d ago

Yea horde up I'm old abandoned train is big shock for ya lol

TheRealTedCruz24d ago

I don't think people were expecting a giant overhaul with this. Just a port with some tweaking.

SDuck24d ago

We shouldn't. I'm sure Sony doesn't want their exclusives to look thousand times better on PC. Not that that is any news but they sure need (and rightfully so imo) to protect their bubble

PrimeGam3r23d ago

Don't half ass a port (not at all saying that's what's going on here).
If you are going to put a game on a platform then do your best to make it run as best as it can on said platform.
Don't gimp it for the sake of other platforms unless you have budget constraints.

SDuck23d ago

@PrimeGam3r their goal here is to expose more players to their IP and try to bait us for the sequel. They have no need to port it to PC and their studios aren't used to the need to do ports. Just be happy you get to play it on PC if you want it. Only reason to complain is in case the game comes with problems

Killer73nova23d ago

How does this make any sense? Sony is still getting money from this. why do it half assed and end up losing money? Either you do a good job on the port or don’t do it all.

PrimeGam3r23d ago

The sequel? Sir where have you been these last 7 days?


Lol, what bubble. No PS4 owner is under the delusion that the PS4 is magic. They just know that they will always release great games to EVERY console they sell. Brand-loyalty was earned by Sony. I certainly know what console gaming is like outside of the bubble on Xbox: M$ is pushing game pass instead of AAA games of their own.

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WillyC00923d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Best way to play this is on PS5 honestly. Happy some PC guys get the chance to play this underrated diamond in the rough though.

I mostly say it’s best to play on PS5 because it runs exceptionally well on it and the upgrades(60fps, dynamic 4K) look great. Ports of Sony games haven’t launched very well on PC and need a couple patches. Horizon had issues for example.

Furesis23d ago

It really doesn't matter as long as you enjoy it. But PC is hands down always the right answer for obvious reasons.

WillyC00923d ago

Lol, no it really isn’t. But opinions are opinions. Like I said, glad some ppl will be able to play and enjoy this underrated gem.

neutralgamer199223d ago (Edited 23d ago )


In your opinion. Console set up for noobs like me is much better because it requires very little on my end to play games

This is just my opinion

frostypants23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

As always: IT DEPENDS ON YOUR PC. At the moment, the PS5 will absolutely smoke any gaming PC in its price range. The PC hardware market is hot garbage right now price-wise. Just the GPU alone would likely eat more than even the $500 PS5 SKU budget, nevermind the $400 SKU.

Charlieboy33323d ago

I wouldn't necessarily say that. 'Certain' PC's sure....but people with killer rigs are in the minority and thats what you would need to run this on the same level as PS5.

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Computersaysno23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Honestly? Honestly PC is the better version as everyone would expect. Higher settings, higher resolution, unlocked framerates, ultrawide support. The video obviously shows everything is a little cleaner and more defined.

It's not a huge gap because this is just a port, restricted by console hardware at inception.

But anyone with a PC that has experienced the best versions of Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding or Become Human will appreciate that this is the definitive version of this title too.

frostypants23d ago

If you can afford the $1000+ rig to run this at the highest settings.

Giblet_Head23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

@frostypants If you can afford to be nickel and dimed over an eight year generation with all the hidden costs of console gaming, you can afford a high-end gaming rig. Only prerequisite is not being stupid with money, which may exclude those that unironically do the former without a sense of grievance or shame.

King_Noctis23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

"Best way to play this is on PS5 honestly"

Can you mod the game on the PS5? Is there an option to play using mouse and keyboard for those who prefer them on the PS5?

Robodrake18d ago

Prefer it on my ps5 specifically due to Dualsense and 3D pulse headset.I agree with you.

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Dandizzle23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

This game has a few slow missions to start with, but man is this a good game. I own it on ps4 and ps5, and let me tell you there is an absolute massive difference. PS5 version is so much better because of the following:

#1 most in important is load times, days gone on ps4 took a very long time to load.

#2 FPS increase + Resolution increase....yeah your gonna notice (side note, that video really doesn't illustrate the difference very well, in person the difference is much more apparent.)

PC version will be even better if you got hardware to push it.

NINJA568923d ago

Theres definitely a bit more clarity on the PC version, but I'm not complaining and just started this on my PS5. I hope everone enjoys this title and we see more PS games on PC.

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