Looking back to 2016 at the Discontinuation of the Xbox 360 - The End of an Era

Darren writes: "As the second console released by Microsoft, the Xbox 360 had a huge amount riding on it. It was the follow-up to a brand new entry to the market, and had to go up against two very fearsome competitors in the form of the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3. With a lifespan of over ten years, there’s no denying just how much of a triumph the Xbox 360 was. On the anniversary of its retirement, let’s have a look back over the life of one of history’s most successful game consoles."

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Orbilator16d ago

Was it really successful, ? A lot of its sale numbers were due to the prod problems. I must have bought 3 consoles at least after so many failing. And I know some people who were on their 5th console. Granted is was s great console when it worked, but defo wasn't anywhere near being one of the most successful consoles ever, that's just a lie.

cooperdnizzle15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Between my brother and I we went through 8 in total. Two of which where refunded, but that still equals 6 between us. Not to mention every single close friend I had, had to buy the console again at least once. So I agree with you 100%. Not to mention they had a year head start, and a way lower price point.

If any other Manufacturer other than ms would have been down and out. They would no longer be in the game industry messing up that bad. Ms is the only company that can fail over and over and just buy their way out of it.

Although I will admit at least in the early days of the 360 ms was actually doing some good for the game industry but that only lasted 3 years, since than they have been in the market just hanging around and not really doing much.

If any other company did that it would be considered a failure and it would have lost to much money, but because it’s ms, it’s considered a win.

All I can say is this time if ms messes up again, and after all the money they have been throwing around, well this time it will hit them a little harder and finally they might have to think of becoming a good company for the game industry and actually try and make great games. Let’s see what happens.

Luc2015d ago

X360 was cheaper than PS3 but when you added the accessories like WiFi, hd DVD player (anyone remember this?!), play and charge and Xbox live subscription to play online it was actually more expensive than the PS3. I wonder if Toshiba made any more deals with Microsoft after the hd DVD fiasco?

darthv7215d ago

The only 360 I had that went belly up was my launch 05 pro. But then MS fixed it for free so it was all good. I still have it too, along with over a dozen other models. I collected the different retail variants over the years.

The one I use to collect the GwG games is a slim with 500gb hdd, and that is nearly full. 360 is a great platform and the controller is still one of the best. Lots of variants there.

FanboysKiller15d ago

And I know who bought their 8th.

Aquafiniac15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

I loved my 360 but I’m not gonna lie, I did have to buy 3, 1 brand new, 1 to replace it when it broke and a used one when that one broke, surprisingly the used one never broke 🤷🏽‍♂️ Lol.

I don’t believe it when people say they went through 5+. That’s bs imo and making stuff up or just not taking care of it or just has extremely bad luck (which I still call bs )

IRetrouk15d ago

That's bullshit man, I sent mine back 5 times over 3 years, also had a myriad of other issues with various limited editions too, the hardware was bad.

crazyCoconuts15d ago

I had 6, no lie. It was ridiculous. I was happy that every time i escalated to a manager on the support call and chewed them out long enough they paid for every one of those replacements. Otherwise I would have banned them long ago.

sagapo15d ago

It depends on how you look at “being succesful”. If MS was set to sell 10 million consoles and eventually sold 20 million, than that is succesful. If Sony was set to sell 50 million and eventually sold 40 million, was that succesful even when it sold double compared to MS’s console? Nonetheless I agree, xbox 360 isn’t the most succesful console ever.

GamingSinceForever15d ago

That is the sole reason that I to this day will never buy another XBox. I never forgave them for the way I was treated after my repaired 360 got the ring the second time. Then I bought the Elite and shit got the red ring even faster than my OG 360.

XBox could now have the most reliable console there is and I refuse to give them another dime.

Profchaos15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Yeah I had 5 consoles all original designs I only brought two but I had the rest under warranty which probably still count as sales because EB Games out them through as returns and new purchases.

Eventually i ended up with a model that had the HDMI port and a new design that was better at handling rrod and it still works to this day.

Still when I brought the system a year after launch it was around $400 cheaper than the PS3 in Australia so I think that was a bug selling point for the console here. Most of my friends all brought it based off of cost.

Eventually I ended up with a PS3 also and never had a problem with it

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purple10115d ago

Was outsold by PS3 in the end. PS3 with a 3% failure fate
360 was up to 30% failure one particularly bad year.

Its also the 6th best selling of all time.

After all the PlayStation's and the Wii.

FinalFantasyFanatic15d ago

If I recall correctly, Microsoft never released figures on the 360's failure rates, but rough estimates and research pegged it at about 30%, which sounds about right considering almost everyone I knew who had one had to replace it at some point.

specialguest15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

The ps3 was great. That was the last console I owned. One of the few complaints I had during the first 3 years was the dashboard/user interface was barebones as f**k and outdated. The 360 was definitely better on that aspect especially with Xbox live despite the subscription

Father__Merrin15d ago

It was an excellent console. I still remember going to a friends house and he showed me pgr3 and fight night. I'd never seen graphics like that before it looked unreal back then. Wish those ps360wii days were back best gen ever for me

purple10115d ago

did you ever play metropolis street racer on dreamcast?

that would have really blown your mind, same game but years before. so way ahead of its time basically.

My brother & I, were expecting big things from pgr, but in the end, it wasn't much different to what we already had on dreamcast.

Father__Merrin15d ago

Yes I had pgr back on the dreamcast it was excellent especially the soundtrack. I can remember you could edit the text that displays when you skid and build up kudos

FanboysKiller15d ago

Look into software sales, I hate when the topic about 7th gen people switch to hardware sales and ignore the main factor for profitability.

Thundercat7715d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Interesting how the goal post is always moved. If we look at software sales now, Xbox is still failing on that area.

CrimsonIdol15d ago

What am I looking for here? Like I see 1 or two wins for PS3 over 360 (GTA5 sold more on PS3, notably) ...but overall, seems to me like 360 sold a lot more units of the most successful games:

aaronaton15d ago

The number 1 reason people owned 360's was that their friends owned them... they offered nothing more. People eventually woke up after getting tired of playing COD on the 360, and the PS3 prevailed at the end of the generation. Sowing the seeds for generations to come, you reap what you sow.

monkey60215d ago

To be fair a lot of big properties started on the 360.

Gears, Dead Rising, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Left 4 Dead, Orange Box, Forza Horizon, Alan Wake, Lost Planet and more. Yes quite a few of them jumped over to other platforms later but at some point they were games to own a 360 for and we didn't know they would end up on playstation eventually

I myself owned 4 of the things though. 3 of them died and were replaced. The 360 went out with a whimper too. Over the last few years of the gen they had next to no games worth talking about and I sold mine off after getting frustrated over that. They put a huge effort into Kinect and it was a waste. Microsoft held back all its last few years of games to pad the Xbox One launch and then their 1st party efforts faded off for years again after.

Fist4achin15d ago

Yes. The 360 did start with all those titles and that was the reason why I picked him be up before I bought my ps3. The 360 started strong and then fizzled out as their exclusivity faded. There are still a couple of titles that their version was better IMO. I wish Beautiful Katamari would be remastered as that was the most fun version of the game. The OG Xbox Ninja Gaiden Black also comes to mind.

I still support all the consoles because I'm a gamer first and foremost and I like playing all different games.

FinalFantasyFanatic15d ago

Software-wise, I feel like Microsoft will never have another gen as good as the 360, the Xone gen should have been much better if they had been able to secure more exclusives.

crazyCoconuts15d ago

The 360's xbox live capabilities were still ahead of the ps3, continuing the lead from the xbox/ps2 gen. Party chat was way better and the dashboard had richer capabilities. They even completely redesigned the dashboard mid-gen which was neat. PS3 had bluetooth headset support which was better, but the actual online experience when playing with friends was night and day imo

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