Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo - Compare PS5 vs. PS4 Pro Screenshots

In a comparison of Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo screenshots, Capcom seem to be milking 9th gen. hardware and making the extra FLOPS count. PS4 holds its own on occasion but PS5's immersion and ability to capture an atmosphere are amazing to behold.

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Profchaos20d ago

Tbh PS4 pro looks and performs amazingly when stacked against a new generation.

PrimeVinister20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

It just shows how unbelievably well designed the PS4 Pro and OG PS4 were.

The PS4 Pro is already 4.5 years old and it runs the PS5 close.

Si-Fly20d ago

All it really proves is that we will only get to see the full power of next gen once they no longer have to support the PS4/XB1, the cross gen situation is holding back PS5/SX

PrimeVinister20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

@Si-Fly the new generation of consoles is much closer in architecture to the last gen.

It's a different situation than going from PS3 to PS4, it doesn't take as much time, effort or resources to make a cross-gen title this time around.

Plus it's only six months into this gen.

TheRealTedCruz20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

You think it may just be because they designed the game using the same engine as 7, and knew they still needed to serve a giant market of last gen consoles?

When Crysis came out it melted even the best PCs of the day. It took years to properly max the game, but they still built the game with midrange PCs in mind to actually move copies.
I loved my Pro, but my PS5 should run laps around it. If visuals are comparable on both, it's because the devs catered more to the older hardware than the new.

CrimsonWing6920d ago

Well... it’s a cross-gen title. This isn’t a next-gen title running on last-gen.

philm8720d ago

Fantastic demo though. Thought it looked stunning on PS5. Hard to compare how good it looks on PS4/Pro as it looks a lot different in person than on these screenshots. Very good sound quality, will have me jumping out of my skin in the full game I'm sure.
Messed with my head at the beginning as my daughter's called Rose as well.

BenRC0120d ago

Thought it looked pretty last gen, even with rt on.

philm8720d ago

Not on my TV it didn't. Certainly a good step up from RE7 in my opinion.

boing120d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Man, if it's really [email protected] with RT on, then I'm down for this kind of weird frame rate. Played just fine. It felt way more fluid than I anticipated, and looked gorgeous.

PrimeVinister20d ago

I loved how the ray-tracing is subtle and well-utilised. It is a gorgeous visual experience.

BenRC0120d ago

ie shoehorned into a last gen game with very little effect. Subtle lol.

PersonMan20d ago

It's not capped at 45. It was mostly 60 with some drops. They just advertise 45 because they can't guarantee a perfect 60fps the whole time with RT on. It's so that people don't get upset when the frame rate tanks in certain scenes.

assassingamer3620d ago

I honestly cant see a difference

PersonMan20d ago

FINALLY. ACTUAL SCREENSHOTS. I hate how every comparison these days is a compressed youtube video. Show me SCREENSHOTS. It's not that hard.

TheTony31619d ago

Same. I miss the old digital foundry comparisons.

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