This Fan-Made PS5 Animated Cover for Demon's Souls Needs to Be Seen to Be Believed

This fan-made PS5 animated cover for Demon's Souls is something else, and is just flat-out awesome. Check it along with behind-the-scene images.

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camel_toad18d ago

Isn't it just augmented reality he's using? As in you'd have to use your phone to see the animated cover?

T2X18d ago

No. The image actually moves by itself.

camel_toad18d ago


Ok then it's certified awesome!

PrimeGam3r18d ago

It is augmented reality but that doesn't make it any less cool looking. Maybe in the very far future when disc's aren't even a thing anyone remembers we will have foldable screens so thin and cheap that they can be used for this purpose.

poppatron17d ago

Yeah of course, you can see where the light in the room is reflecting on the plastic of the case everywhere but where the ar effect is overlayed still looks awesome though

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ApocalypseShadow19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Sorcery. I'd buy all my games physical like the old days if it was like that. I buy digital sometimes because there's no physical version.

I'd never buy digital games being cool like that. Crazy to think what the manual would be like as I'm reading it on the toilet. Maybe the same 3D effect as the cover but with voice instructions and story trailer.

My guess is that this could be done with AR on a phone or AR Glasses. It's possible now with a QR code on the cover or some motion tracker like sticker.

Aquafiniac19d ago

Yooo same. I would never buy anything digital if the cover was like that.
That right there is the future.

18d ago
Hellcat202018d ago

I'll go back to buying physical copies if this would become a thing

mbrewing18d ago

What if you got a free dynamic phone wallpaper with digital orders?

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The story is too old to be commented.