Americas Sales for the Week Ending November 29, 2008

Black Friday sales for the video game industry were excellent. Nintendo sold 1.8m systems for the week ending November 29 while machines from rivals Microsoft and Sony combined to sell about 1.1m units. Software sales were quite strong as well, but the vast majority of the spike this week is simply from the fact that Americans spent $10 billion ($30/per American if every American shopped) on Black Friday according to various reports, and a lot of that went to video games. Last year, Black Friday week sales were strong as well, but Wii, DS, and Xbox 360 saw significantly better sales this year. PS3 had the weakest Black Friday to Black Friday growth, at 13%, and PS2 declined. Sony's machines accounted for about 1 out of 3 video game machines sold (31%) during Black Friday week in 2007, this year that ratio is down to about 2 out of 9 (22%) as the shares for Microsoft and Nintendo increase. Since Black Friday was at a different point in 2008 than in 2007, two comparisons are included below for the year over year trend. First though, a look at the size of the increases from last week show that value wins out over the holidays, as PS2 and DS had the biggest jumps despite being the oldest viable platforms on the market.

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jack who3697d ago






Hot_tea3697d ago

No one cares about the USA sales. They are the only dumb 4sses on Planet Earth that buy 360's

Shadow Man3697d ago

The USA is made of different races and cultures around the world. So basically your insulting everyone.

tehReaper3697d ago


If you try to spin this anymore, you're going to make me dizzy.


sak5003696d ago

"No one cares about the USA sales"

Hmmm so when 360 was kicking ps3 in japan, you droids were saying no one cares about japan. Sice 360 is beating ps3 in UK and few other EU states, you dont care about those countries. Australia also has higher 360 sales. So you guys only care about africa, guatemala, italy, spain, burma, nepal, libya, iraq????

Jeezus, talk about blind bats who can't see anything besides their own agenda.

tocrazed4you3696d ago

I can say about the sales is that MS said they outsold sony 3 to 1 they are off by 100,000 consoles... that is a lot

JasonPC360PS3Wii3696d ago

PS3 = failure

PS3 = owned

PS3 = last

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

The 'xBox 360' at it's cheaper price in the USA STILL can't beat the Wii!!! ;-D
TOTAL FAIL = xBox 360!!!

+I'd be really worried if the PS3 was cheaper than the Wii and it couldn't out sell it!!! ;-D Poor xBots it must really hurt you lot bad!!!(GOOD)

Aquanox3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

For the record,

The Xbox 360 is also kicking ass in Mexico and a few other Latin American Countries. Wich should shrink the list of countries "Hot Tea" cares about even more =)

With these numbers, they're only a 250k difference YTD 2008 (Worldwide) between PS3 and Xbox 360. By the end of the year, the Xbox 360 should surpass PS3 sales Worldwide by at least 500k or so, unless Japan does the miracle with WKC launch.

razorbladelight3696d ago

What if the ps3 gets down to the price of the wii, so they are at the same price range- what will you be saying then Sir_Ken when the ps3 STILL doesn't outsell the Wii or 360? I want to know the answer just so I could prepare myself for your most idiotic of responses when it happens. See because al I have seen from you is excuse after excuse as to why your turd machine just isn't selling. So I want to know what exactly will be your excuse for when the ps3 is still number 3 in the console market. Will it be "Sales aren't everything?" "Numbers don't mean power?" Or will response be as ignorant as Hot Tea's and say that American numbers just don't matter?
I'll be looking forward to your next installment in your encyclopedia of excuses when the time comes.

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Breakfast3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Xbox 360 - 477,956
PS3 - 198,068
PS2 - 163,305

Why doesnt Sony just go ahead, and cancel the ps3?
Honestly, all its doing is hindering the sales, of an actual competent console....the ps2. Ive lost all hope for Sony...they keep shooting themselves in the foot, with dumb business moves.

...this is why everyone should just give up on them, and bow down to the king of RPG' loving Microsoft.


Capital G3697d ago

with thew global ecomony the way it is i wouldnt be surprised if SONY threw in the towel sooner or later

when god of war 3 and blu ray go multiplat. SONY wont have anything left

but im taking a bubble from you breakfast bcuz your being a fanboy

Cwalat3697d ago

MS 360 - 94 923 000$ ... 477 000 consoles

Sony PS3 - 79 200 000$ ... 197 000 consoles

small difference in how much money they both earned.... 15 million.. which sony gains and doubles.. with the sales figures of PS2 and PSP...

although i gotta say, stuppppid mofo ameeeericans... KZ2... well.. i guess they'll be missin out... nuuumbbbnuuutssss

Hot_tea3697d ago Show
Shadow Man3697d ago

Just 3 minutes ago you had 3 bubbles and now your down to 2. Sony Fanboys are running wild. Here is a bubble 1+.

lowcarb3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Great comment breakfast lol. Bubbles

Edit below mike:With the way the market looks and value of Sony's shares dramatically dropping you just better be glad there still around with the PS3. Any price drop in 2009 would be suicide for them so you might want to start looking into other gaming devices like 360 or the wii lol. Also 360 had a better lineup this year with great software and services like XNA community games, netflix, and and avatars which all played a role in this. You give excuses all day but prepare to see PS3 get smoked this holiday even more.

mikeslemonade3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Capital G your a hypocrite by calling someone something that you are also.

As for 360 it's a fluke. Clearly everything that has made 360 good this year is solely the price drop. 90% of the benefits came from the price drop. You guys act like Sony will not eventually drop price. And that's fine because you guys will be eating your words next year when they do drop price.

TheColbertinator3697d ago

Breakfast,bubble for you my brave hero

hate_me3697d ago

dude its not a secret that sony makes less money on the hardware sales than the 360 so please keep nonsense like this out. Sony only 20 000 000 behind in money earned for this month between 360 and ps3... doubt that dude. the only things that brings in revenue for sony is ps2 and psp.... ps3 is piggy backing on those two. Microsoft makes money on each 360 being sold.

season0073697d ago

and it even can tell how many exact consoles are sold
how nice

I bet they just calculate it thru microsoft claimed 25% increase yty and the 3:1 outsell claims
and of course wii, they pull it out from the @$$

sak5003696d ago

Even though breakfast is more sony fan than ms and just plays around with comments ;) here bubble up

Gue13696d ago

People please, stop arguing about things you know sh1t about. Stop the freaking predictions and try to see the the situation as it is right now.

Wii = #1
X360 = #2
PS3 = #3

What's the point in arguing? I know there are a couple of people that like to stir the gas to make a bigger flame but calm down. Relax and enjoy your system. Sales or not every system has amazing features and games and Sony's not going anywhere, they are a pretty aggressive company that will continue supporting the PS3 until the end (where's the HD-DVD now when everybody was saying that Blu-ray was dead?).

The PS3 has an incredible line-up right now and 2009 is looking even better so, forget about the haters. Don't worry, be happy. =)

==BTW what's the point in having two sections here if the majority of fanboys are commenting in the Gamer Zone anyway?

Danja3696d ago

hmm I thought the 360 outsold the PS3 by a 3:! margin on Black Friday so why is the almighty VGchartz saying other-wise....ohh yeah...these are just guesstimates as usual...and im surprised you ppl are flaming over this again...

The 360 had a price cut...the PS3 is twice as expensive...which will sell more.....?

PS3 fans should have already expected a PS3 owners and I already knew M$ would have outsold Sony....even Sony knew this...

PimpDaddy3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

These sales estimates are for the whole week ending Nov 29 2008. So for all we know the 360 may have indeed outsold the PS3 3:1 in the US on Black Friday.

This is going to be fun. I can see the SDF invading this thread as I write my comment. Everybody hide the children and bubbles.

Oh and since you want to put your spin on this. Here is mine. How could the 360 outsell the PS3? The PS3 is more powerful, hasnt been on the market as long, the Cell, Blu-Ray, wifi, bigger standard HDD, can surf the internet, run Linux, cure cancer, and has the strength of the Sony Playstation brand name.

Oh whats that people actually like to play games and seem to find more value in a 200 dollar videogame console with HD graphics vs a 400 dollar console with HD graphics that doubles as a movie player. Wow who would have thought. People actually buy videogame consoles to play games instead of watching movies.

FF7numba13696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I dont know whats worst...the fact that breakfast comment is full of fail or the fact that people are actually supporting him. Even funnier their giving him bubbles but more people take them away.

Danja3696d ago

I hope you know that all I was doing was pointing out was how wrong VGchartz numbers when I said that M$ stated that the 360 outsold the PS3 by a 3:1 margin yet the figures posted by Vgchartz dont reflect that...

and secondly I wasn't trying to spin ne thing...I admitted that even I expected M$ to outsell Sony by a huge margin they had just had a price cut plus there were some really good bundles are low prices available...

no-where in my post was I bad mouthing M$ or the 360 but I see you took the high road and went all fan-boyish.....

jaysquared3696d ago

Wait I dont get it! I thought the PS3 was going to sell more than the 360 or at least sell on par? What happened with its awesome 2008 holiday line up that had Motorstorm 2, Resistance 2, MGS4, and of course it has the new mario in LBP... What happened here? No way this is correct! I mean the 360 exclusive doesn't even compare to the PS3 exclusive that just had Banjo and Gears 2. Also the price cut wasn't suppose to make a difference because with the economy so bad people want something that is future proof in the PS3?

Gotta love PS3 fans!

Genesis53696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Did anyone look at the source? It's VG chartz. They have never even been close to giving accurate numbers before. There is always a big difference when the NPD come out. Sony's numbers go up MS comes down. If you go back and look you'll notice it happens every single time.

Sez 3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

this is vgchart. i think i will wait for the officail numbers from NPD.

Beast_Master3696d ago

As a PS3 owner I just want more PS3s sold here in the US, so I don't have a problem playing multiplayer games. If 360 out sells it I could care less. I just want the install base to increase, 6.5 million consoles in the US is just not cutting it right now for me. I would like to see it around 10 mill by March. So I hope Sony does cut price and I hope to see you all in the KZ2 multiplayer on Feb 27th!

Plus, Sony has the games I want in 09 and MS has yet to show me a reason to buy a 360 in 09. I would like to play Gears 2 but I know eventually every 3rd party game will have Gears cover system.


chasuk083696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I said it before, people who are buying 360s now are dumb american parents who are looking for a cheap way to keep their kids happy at christmas.

Lets face it all hardcore gamers already have their system(s) of choice, and PS3 clearly has the better games coming. Its just a battle of the casual gamers, which means its not about the games, its about the price. And for Sony to say they have a strong enough line up to win the christmas season is crazy. They need a price cut to make these stupid parents who buy the cheapest console buy a cheap PS3.

Anon19743696d ago

I thought it was a done deal that the 360 would come in 3rd in sales for 2008. They might still be able to claw their way to second place this year, but it's going to be close. They still have to sell about 400,000 to 500,000 units more than the PS3 worldwide to save themselves from 3rd this year.

IdleLeeSiuLung3696d ago

VGCharts has proven to be off by up to 20%.... However, this means that PS3 sold in the 200k's and the 360 in the 400k's.

Bottom line is, people can give reasons for one way or the other and spin numbers. Bottom line is, total units sold so far matters and what the future hold is uncertain (unless you are Nintendo). Meaning the tide can turn really quickly....

My bets are on the 360, that will hold it's low price for a long time while Sony is getting in a worse financial shape while having a product that is hard to reduce cost.

Bubble Buddy3696d ago

If the 360 was $400 or higher without any game bundled it would be a different story...

Tiberium3696d ago

there is only one gears of war franchise.

maybe when the npd releases the sale figures you sony fanboys can quit trying to talk off R2 and LBP selling like AA games. then again, R2 is a AA game.

pav23233696d ago

is retarded. I don't mean Carlos Mencia retarded, I mean drool stupid. Listen to yourselves!!!! I am going to start referring to everyone on this site as Timmy from now on. See ya Timmy.

Halochampian3696d ago

Week is different than weekend.

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tatotiburon3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

i just post my previous comment in the same article that didn't approve:

esus LBP couldn't even enter to the top 10, so much innovation wasted, nobody is buying it and Resistance 2?, wich games are buying PS3 users?

Gears of War 2 in #6 continue to sell very well after, the game will reach 4m units sold easily by the end of the year, good to see L4D selling well too, the game rocks! Activision must be happy with the COD5 xbox 360 version, second place.

Sony is losing NA very fast.

EDIT: holy f*** is worst than i thought, R2 and LBP couldn't get in to the top 20, less than 90.000 units sold?? WTF?

blablablabla yes i know is vgchartz, but do you really think that when NPD comes out will be a huge diference?

Capital G3697d ago

i own 4 ps3s for evvery tv in my house and i can tell you hes right

mikeslemonade3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Your stupid if you think that the sales aren't due to the price drop. The 360 games don't sell the system. If people buy the system because of the games then people wouldn't be buying Wiis and be buying PS3s because it has the top two rated exclusives. Please learn what a system seller. L4D and Gears 2 aren't system sellers. I hate to break it to ya. Next year when the PS3 drops in price the PS3 and 360 will switch places and you zealots in here will be all gone. Enjoy your fluke win right now.

Fernando Rocker3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

"If people buy the system because of the games then people wouldn't be buying Wiis and be buying PS3s because it has the top two rated exclusives."

Sorry, but you are wrong. The highest rated exclusive game this gen is still Super Mario Galaxy, according to both Metacritic and Gamerankings.

And if you are talking about exclusives only, the Wii has 5 titles with an average score of 90+ and the PS3 has only 2.

And each of those Wii games have sold a lot more than the best selling PS3 game.

mikeslemonade3697d ago

According to metacrtic PS3 has 10 90+ games and most of them are from this year which shows good PS3 growth. And there are 8 90+ games for the Wii and most of those games came from 2007+2006 so those games have aged and cannot be viewed as 90+ games. And back to my main point the PS3 multiplatform games do count when you talk about PS3 vs Wii because they are not on the Wii, so therefore PS3 has more quality games than the Wii.

ArmrdChaos3697d ago

Interesting...because one of my friends just within the last week decided that he is buying a 360 specifically due to L4D and time he had playing it...and I am sure he is not the only one.

FF7numba13696d ago

lol sony will drag out console war. nintendo does care but Ms wants to hurry and close it. At the end of the day who is know for supporting their console the longest?

Kill Crow3696d ago

a single person who bought a PS3 for LBP - but I know at least 3 people (two of which are PS3 owners) that bought 360 for Gears.

I also know two xbox owners that will buy a PS3 for KZ2 ....

jaysquared3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

"Interesting...because one of my friends just within the last week decided that he is buying a 360 specifically due to L4D and time he had playing it...and I am sure he is not the only one."


" And that's fine because you guys will be eating your words next year when they do drop price. "

God a i love your quotes! Man i'm pretty sure you were saying these last year too! And I bet you will be saying this next year as well! lol

Edit- I was just reading Mikes past posts and made me LOL! Seriously if anybody wants to see an idiot post on N4g check out mikes previous comments!

green3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

People tend to forget that it's the most undesirable 360 skw that is at a sweet price point.What do they think the sales increase will be like when the Pro follows?

Captain_Sony3696d ago

Yeah he is a complete idiot. Wil ldo or say anything to make Sony look better.. Just look at his previous posts where you cant count year old Wii games but he can count year old PS3 games... Its sad when people like him who are die hard Sony fans have NOTHING to make the PS3 look good beyond the stiff the spin and flat out make up..Its as sad as that one article that used Sony's japan sales numbers for worldwide numbers trying to show that Sony sold the most games then any other console. Sadly only the Sony fanbase was stupid enough to buy it.

Bubble Buddy3696d ago

Better question: What do you gain from more sales? If you only care about more sales to brag then that is pretty sad. The only thing I care why people buy more is that you have a larger install base for people to play with.

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mikeslemonade3697d ago

360 is cheaper than the Wii, but gets outsold by 2x. That is pathetic if you ask me when you factor in the money Microsoft Gaming Studios has invested into there games and marketing. Lets face it the people don't believe in the 360. The 360 sales are a fluke because the only system this year with the price drop is the 360.

tatotiburon3697d ago

ok so you actually believe if the PS3 was cheaper than the wii it will outsold the wii? hahaha lol!, spin it all you want, a lot of people who buy a Wii never played games before.

Breakfast3697d ago

...look at you, all grumpy and stuff.
It sucks to be on the losing team.


mikeslemonade3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

PS1 outsold N64 and and PS2 outsold gamecube. It's proven that if Sony is within $100 it would outsell Wii. The 360 on other hand is a weak brand and therefore despite being cheaper than the Wii it has no chance to outsell it.

360 is 2nd place and losing. "1st is the best 2nd is the worst". I own the Wii so technically i'm on the winning team. Breakfast is the one who is losing because he is getting more delirious whenever he loses his bubbles.

caliblue153697d ago

Right now the Xbox 360 is at Sweetspot price point. I will say this. If the Xbox 360 did not get a price cut, would the quantity demanded be that same right now. The answer is no.

Microsoft was brilliant to cut the price right before the Holidays, and they advertise like crazy.

The PS3 is the better console for your money, but most parents do not see that, or know about that, and therefore go for the cheaper console, since most games kids want are on both platforms.

(Coming from a PS3 Owner. I like the 360 just hate Microsoft as a whole company, but I will never bash them for quality economics and good advertising.)

lowcarb3697d ago

"The PS3 is the better console for your money, but most parents do not see that, or know about that, and therefore go for the cheaper console, since most games kids want are on both platforms."

You fail right there because the PS3 is not and has never been the better console for your money. 360 by far is the better console because it offers more for cheap as well as better games and better looking games and services. Some of you are so blind and in denial that it's obvious why Sony is going to loose this console war.

cayal3696d ago

It doesn't offer more for cheap fool.

The Blu-Ray alone makes PS3 more bang for your buck than the 360.

360 - Pay for Online. PS3 - Free.

Blu-Ray vs DVD players

Rechargeable controller - PS3. 360 - battery powered.

PS3 - Wifi built in. 360 - $100 more.

Do you even release how much more you pay in little extras for the 360?

Willio3696d ago

"Some of you are so blind and in denial that it's obvious why Sony is going to loose this console war."

Really? Did you really just say that? Thank you Micheal Pachter for your informative opinion.

hate_me3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

og man yes the wii is outselling the 360, yes 360 is cheaper. BUT the wii is outselling the ps3 by what? 5:1? 20:1. hypocrite much? as things stand now the 360 is making more ground that the wii or the ps3 (ps3 is actually losing ground)

dude common.... "Rechargeable controller - PS3. 360 - battery powered"
is that a plus for the ps3? huess what the 360 battery lasts like 5x longer than the ps3 one.
and dude free (psn) isnt always better

cayal3696d ago

It's not what is about being better (which is subjective) it's about cost.

One is free, one isn't.

And a rechargeable battery lasts does a battery last 5 times longer? lol, get out of here fanboy.

PimpDaddy3696d ago

If you want to talk about value from a pure gamers perspective. It's the Arcade 360 for $199.00

You get the same graphics as the PS3 for half the price and a larger gaming library.

If you want value for your HD movie player then by all means buy a PS3.

You want to play games with last gen graphics buy a Wii.

But pure gaming bang for the buck is the 360 Arcade. Hands down.

FF7numba13696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

lol if some1 told me 5 years ago that I would be on the internet reading nerd's comments about being on the losing team....I would have said thats stupid. But here I am today watching people who support the successor of the failure of a console xbox, talking about losing team. LoL the xbox lost, got taken of the shelf. Thats the real losing team.Also if the sony is losing so is microsoft, their can be one winner. 2nd = 3rd, both lost stop with the losing argument.

At end of the I really want to see which consoles are still on the shelf after 2012. Have fun playing ur sales, I think the worst thing that could have happened to gaming was when fanboys got into predicting and sales. R.I.P Real Gaming.

caliblue153696d ago

I wasn't being a fanboy. I stated that Microsoft has some brilliant economics and advertising, but also stated the PS3 technically is the better buy. Not taking sides, just giving props to each side.

Xbox Pro (need harddrive) - $299.99 (
Quality Blu-ray Player - $299.99 (LGBD300, best standalone blu-ray player.) Source -(

Price Today (without any other extras) - $599.98

PS3 Today - (80gb) - $400 (That is a $200 savings)

I don't even have to go into wifi, internet fees, or anything. Basic economics states that the PS3 is the better buy. (I'm not basing this off of games or anything, most games people play are multiplatform anyways.)

But I do have to give my hat off to Microsoft for easily destroying the PS3 in advertising, and getting to that sweetspot point of High quantity demanded.

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Edge Maverick3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

1) The Wii is unstoppable, and it's a shame. The shovelware console that's basically giving devs the free excuse to just release garbage and still get sales is really starting to affect the gaming industry in the wrong way (good example: Ubisoft)

2) Hells Yeah! to the XBOX360's sales! Microsoft does deserve it, they've worked hard advertising the all hell outta the box, but with all the price cuts and the new manditory installs coming, and the fact most of those sales were the Arcade WITHOUT a hard-drive...I wonder if anyone's gonna be pissed about how MS is handling their skus? Just saying.

3) Okay, the PS3 is expensive as all hell and still selling pretty well. Not terrific, but well. It's pretty much double the price of the 360 right now and the sales ratio shows it, but I bet Sony actually pulled even on each PS3 sold and their install base IS growing consistently, so good for them. Not incredible, but respectable.

4) The gaming market is on fire these days in times of economic downturn! Awesome work Sony, MS and Nintendo!

5) Breakfast and Capital G need to banished from N4G forever.

TheColbertinator3697d ago

What? Capital G is lame but Breakfast is teh awesome.He is one of the reasons this site rules

Serjikal_Strike3697d ago

bubbles 4 you

especially for #5 on your list

jaysquared3696d ago

LOL.. what mandatory installs are you talking about? That's a PS3 exclusive! M$ isn't going to pay money for that. PS3 fans love the installs anyways i mean we all know how much they like to wait and wait and wait and wait some more for games to come out on their system or wait and wait for installs and updates. Seriously PS3 owners= most patient gamers in the world!

Blades083696d ago

@4.3 I don't think PS3 owners really have a choice. Once you get the system you just have to have faith in Sony to provide the games, that doesn't mean your not annoyed that you have to wait, you just go do other stuff.

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