No Frame Rate Cap: Resident Evil Village demo performance tested on PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5

YouTube ElAnalistaDeBits has posted a new video comparing the performance of the Resident Evil: Village demo on PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 consoles. The author noted that the video was made in such a way as to show as few spoilers as possible.

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masterfox21d ago

PS4 – 46.26 seconds
PS4 Pro – 33.86 seconds
PS5 – 1.86 seconds

Loadings are so damn impressive on the PS5.

anubusgold20d ago

Dont care about load times i want to see fps and detail .

Pocahontas20d ago

He didn’t comment for you @Anus

anubusgold20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

@Pocahontas why are you talking if the game runs like crap and looks bad is the most important. I have a samsung 980pro right here in my house that i havent installed because i didnt feel the need to
.A regular ssd is enough, fps and max detail is the most important in games. But even ray tracing is just a after though if you have HDR in your game and you have a HDR monitor and it still looks great with Pc sharpening settings.

SinisterKieran20d ago

Once again, he didn’t ask you anything...

Tapani20d ago

Hmm based on this 6700xt OC'd to 2650mhz can run this with a ryzen 5600x at average 60fps on PS5 settings with RT on.

tombfan20d ago

It's still amazing to see a game with kind of detail put a base PS4 on the 40-60 fps o.o and looking great btw... RE ENGINE is truly amazing.

NINJA568920d ago

I honestly thought i woudlnt see a framerate cap due to the title lol. that baby is locked at 60 :/

StoneyYoshi19d ago

its nice seeing that the PS5 isnt struggling very much with RT on. But we need to see more. Maybe with the castle demo this weekend performance will be different?


I would say play on RT on for sure if you have VRR capable TV.

StoneyYoshi19d ago

I'll give it a try regardless. Im no rich guy that can dump 1.5k+ just to have VRR. If its annoying then I'll just go with RT off. I'll probably end up getting the game for PC anyway and I don't have a RT capable GPU but I do have a 144HZ 1440p monitor.