Sony to close factory in France

Sony Corp. said Friday it would shut down its factory making videotapes in France due to slumping global demand.

The fate of the factory's 320 workers remained unclear, but Sony spokesman Shusuke Kanai said the company was doing its utmost to help them after the closure.

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Lord Anubis3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

i bet he didn't even read the article. I loled though and that's what matters.

I'm surprised they were still making videotapes. do people still use them? I guess not since they are closing the factory.

Austin_SJ3701d ago

You've finally hit puberty eh jack, better get the training bra then.

Nathan Drake3701d ago

This is why there should be an exam that determines whether or not you're capable of internet usage

Capital G3701d ago

juding by ps3 black friday sales this probably is the first of many

Cyrus3653701d ago

Yeah cause Videotape Factory sony is closing down, has to do with PS3 sales ;)

Danja3701d ago

what does the PS3 Black Friday sales has to do with declining global demand for video-tapes..??

im surprised ppl are still even buying video-tapes my VCR hasn't been used even know where it is actually...

jaysquared3701d ago

Yes this was a VHS company but why can't sony just convert them to do blu ray? Its probably because they didn't have the funds to buy new equipment. Sony is struggling right now. PS3 owners should just get N4g and start buying games and telling their friends and family to go buy a PS3! Seriously Sony needs you guys! We need you guys to keep Sony afloat! M$ needs a challenger so they can keep improving their system!

mikeslemonade3701d ago

Lord Anubis saw about 3 negative Microsoft articles(the Mozilla beating IE, Windows mobile sucking, and one more which i forgot) and decided to post a negative Sony article. This is all that is. Lord Anubis is grasping for straws to save face for Microsoft.

GrieverSoul3700d ago


Youre saying that a VHS tapes factory is closing because the PS3?!


They aren´t even linked to each other! VHS is no longer a viable item and the economy in Europe isn´t very good. This reflects it.

On a biased comment, come a biased response.
Didnt Microsoft shutted down Ensenble? NOW, thats related to videogames! And dont get me started with the ´´Make it a Blu Ray factory`` - Thats the same as saying, ´´Dont buy a new car! Change his engine with a new one!``

3700d ago
Mr_Bun3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I love it when people like Capitol choose not to read the article so they can show how uninformed they really are...

Do you even own any console?

Off Topic: Nice haircut in the pic...doesn't make you look ridiculous at all

chasuk083700d ago

Why do people like yourself never read beyond the headline, then always come up with a post that makes them look 10 times stupider than they already are.

All is you had to do is read the first 2 lines to realise this has nothing to do with the PS3.

XxZxX3700d ago

Capital G was right, but sorry on him for being completely vague.
he actually meant Judging from VHS sale on black friday, sony will close down more their VHS factory.

for the rest of us, he can say this to him, "Thank you, Captain Obvious"

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Skerj3701d ago

I'm the only one with a VHS PS3!? F*ck BluRay, I can rewind my games while I'm playing to go back and get something I missed.

Danja3701d ago

love ur take on it dude...

Mr_Bun3700d ago

I also have a VHS wife taped 'Desperate Housewives' over Haze...not sure if I should be pissed or not.

Score3700d ago

Not sure why you are getting all of the disagrees...I didn't think people were so sensitive about Haze.

Mr_Bun3700d ago

I tried to make a joke, but I guess it didn't go over well...funny part is I actually own Haze...

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