Killzone 3 is playable with mouse & keyboard on PC via RPCS3 & KAMI

DSOGaming writes: "While Sony does not plan to release Killzone 3 on the PC, Yahfz shared a video that gives us a glimpse at what such a PC version could look like."

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403d ago
bouzebbal403d ago

Still looks secure 2 gens later... one of my favorite ps3 moments. With 3D and move the game is on another level

TheRealTedCruz403d ago

PC almost always ends up the best place to play games, even if it takes a while.

What would you rather play decades down the line? A game at a fixed resolution and frame, considering you have a working disc, and the hardware?
Or run it on an emulator that can update the experience all around, and let you use whatever control input you prefer?

If you insist on the former, it's really only for the sake of nostalgia.

Applejack403d ago

I disagree. The main draw for consoles has always be the simplicity of just putting the disc in / downloading it and playing without worrying about anything else. The average person just wouldn’t want to deal with emulation even though it’s very important for preservation.

Terry_B403d ago

Even emulators are super simple to use.

jukins403d ago

Youre getting flak because people on here thibk of themselves as pc wizards. But honestly most poeple try and go get emulators and romz they end up with malware.. yes theyre "easy" if you know the basics but alot of people dont. That said the fact that its taken nearly 20 years to get a sustantially better experience for ps3 games than on its native system shows the complexity of getting bc to work. Sony, if they have any intention, should just invest in a vastly better psnow experience.

JustTheFax403d ago

Well considering you won't be able to do that with your ps3 because of the CMOS battery, we need other options of preservation for these games. Not everyone is as computer illiterate as jukins!

Vegamyster403d ago


Most people who emulate don't get malware, you'd have to be going to some weird sites for that to happen, heck years ago people were getting sketchier ad's resulting in malware warning on this site if you didn't have a ad-blocker lol.

SinkingSage403d ago

Can't get malware if you legally dump your own games, which you should.

Rachel_Alucard402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

That's fine if that's the main draw, but it doesn't make it a better experience, just a preference. Having the freedom to do the things you can do on PC is what the appeal of PC is. Buying a game on PC means you never have to worry about the console makers just deciding the next hardware shouldn't support the generation anymore, which means everything you bought is stuck on that hardware instead of moving up with everything else. Nintendo uses this tactic to keep reselling the same games over and over at inflated prices. Sony cut all previous gens off the PS4 and sold it back to people in a poor attempt with PSnow. While the PS5 supports PS4 games, that may not be the case in the next gen after this. No to mention shutting off all the previous stores and updates completely. Even MS stopped making new BC titles at some point, so now there's a big list with 17 pages of titles that are not playable on Xbone and are just trapped on older gen. That's not a problem on PC, the reverse happens where you only have to worry if your hardware can play the newest releases at ultra with no issue.

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AzubuFrost403d ago

Shhh don't say that aloud! You're going to trigger a lot of console infidels here.

Shane Kim403d ago

I rather play it when it's available then wait 10 years.

TheRealTedCruz402d ago

Did you purposely miss the entire point of my post?

Inverno403d ago

Well that's the beauty of still owning a retro console tho. Those who usually complain about emulation are just being blindly loyal to a company. Emulation is great for many reason, but if I still owned the console then I disagree nothing beats plugging it back in and going down a nostalgia trip

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RevXM403d ago

The RPCS3 devs are doing great work. And Kami works nicely with it too it seems.
Very neat.

Magatsuhi403d ago

Been playing mgo on pc with mouse. It's not perfect but I can make it work.

Binarycode403d ago

2 is the better game.

A Remake would be good. 60fps 2-4k

Omar3li402d ago

60fps is peasant for FPS games now

402d ago
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