Left 4 Dead Patched, Eases Difficulty

SnagWire: Valve has released a patch for Left 4 Dead in hopes of easing some of the user frustrations that we've been hearing about.

Versus mode has now been locked to Normal; as for co-op mode, the server will now switch to whatever difficulty the party has selected.

Here's the full list of changes...

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Rhythmattic3699d ago

Now is it Only 3 hrs long?

Perjoss3699d ago

its a multiplayer game, what you said don't make much sense.

How many hours long are the online portions of Halo3, Resistance, Gears, CoD4... since all you do is repeat the same maps over and over...

pixelsword3699d ago

- Left 4 Dead was "meant" to be an online game as stated by Valve themselves.

- The online portions of Resistance 2 and Gears 2 have maps that are skirmishes, not a part of an overall story.

- Resistance 2's co-op is way longer than left 4 dead... I dare say it's almost as long as R2's campaign.

- Gears 2 and R2's Co-op is also more enjoyable and longer than left 4 Dead, as their patches didn't have to alter the game to make it more enjoyable like L4D had to.

NaiNaiNai3699d ago

well personally i have Gears 2, and i find L4D much more fun to play, i usually end up playing it for 4-6 hours once i get on with some friends, and even if we end up playing no mercy over and over, its still alot of fun. A.I. director also helps this out alot.

t_tocs3699d ago

Eh, nothing major it seems. At least they are keeping up with it though. The one thing in that list I am glad to hear is that finding a dedicated server is now easier. God damn that took a while most of the time.

Winter47th3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Ah, cool, they've patched the PC version, so by Valve's timeframe they should patch the 360 version sometime in 2011, if the TF2 DLCs announced back in 2007 and we're still waiting for it is any indication to their sh!tty post-release support for consoles.

gw4k3699d ago

WTF? This game is so easy already you can walk through it without ever healing yourself. I have played a good bit on the pc and the 360 and it is easy as hell. If anything they need to make it more challenging.

TheIneffableBob3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Technically, they didn't change it at all. They just locked server operators from being able to change the difficulty in Versus mode since people found it really annoying when they joined a server where rounds ended in two minutes because the Infected were extremely powerful. The difficulty intended for Versus is Normal.

Anon19743699d ago

Why aren't people buying this game? It looks cool, it's getting good reviews. What gives?

Personally, I refuse to pay Microsoft XBL gold fees just on principal, so I won't be picking this up unless it hits the PS3 (which I'm sure it will, especially given these sales). No sense buying a multiplayer game when there's no one to play it with. But why aren't other 360 owners picking this up?

candystop3699d ago

This game has legs and is actually selling pretty good. Also I would much rather pay for gold and have a heck of a time with people online then pay for a bluray player and buy overly priced movies.

Anon19743699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Ok, nice response, fanboy. Try to stick to the issues, and the issue is L4D isn't selling up to 360 standards. It's getting trounced by a Soccor game, on the PS3, in the US no less. What gives? 360 fans usually snap up any old shooter tripe, just look at Mercenaries 2, and L4D is getting excellent reviews hasn't really stormed out of the gate.

Don't get me wrong. It's selling well. Almost half a million units moved in 2 weeks is outstanding, but that's not new shooter on the 360 type numbers. Maybe it's just going up against COD-WAW and Gears 2 is too much for any game to handle right now. I'd play it in a second if it weren't for those ridiculous subscription fees no one else charges. Also, I've got nothing against the 360, I couldn't wait for Fable 2 and Gears 2 and loved both of them. I don't want to come off as some sort of raving Sony nutter. I've never agreed with XBL fees, doing most of my online gaming on my PC back in the orig Xbox days. I tried XBL on the 360 for a couple of years but it just wasn't worth it for me.

And a side note, I'd rather have a heck of a time online playing games AND have a blu-ray player AND not have pay subscription fees for it all. Oh, wait. I do all that. So how are things back in 2007 when XBL was considered worth the money compared to the competition? Has the mortgage crisis hit yet? Watch out for it, it's going to screw everything up!

candystop3699d ago

Of course free sounds better but what you need to realize is nothing for free and theres always more to the story. You raise some good points and I give you props for that, but to be honest the whole I refuse to pay mentality is just childish. We as consumers pay for all types of services and get taxed for many things and never complain. Now when it comes to live (a service we use all the time) we complain about the price which is fair by the way. Of course I like free just like the next man but this really isn't that much to ask for to begin with. MS is a company just like Sony and are just trying to make money like anybody else. If 50 is really a deal buster for you then I personally don't see the point in you bringing it up to begin with. Now I do believe 1 year should come free with the purchase of a 360 but then again that's not the way it is so I deal with it and move on.

L4d is selling fine and since it recieved virtually no hype until scores came out the game is doing pretty decent. Also there are just to many games to choose from right now and after the holidays things should look better for this title as well as LBp.

"So how are things back in 2007 when XBL was considered worth the money compared to the competition? Has the mortgage crisis hit yet? Watch out for it, it's going to screw everything up!"
1st off it's still worth the money and has advantages over psn. 2nd the mortgage crisis might be a bad thing for many but prices from gas,stocks, to homes will go down significantly and be well worth it for others once it's over.

Jacobite3697d ago

Yes its a good game ,but theres alot a good games out there.I got it for the PC but my youngest boy wanted COD5 for the Xbox360 and my oldest just was'nt interested in it ,Plenty of games not enough money and time : )

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review_buster_eric3699d ago

I haven't play L4D in awhile. Anytime I want to play the game it seems like I am putting something else into my 360. Maybe I really don't care for the game...

LONEWOLF2313699d ago


to be quite honest you are missing out dude.