Use your Xbox 360 controller on PS3 (XCM Cross Battle Adapter)

XCM has announced a new product known as XCM Cross Battle Adapter. This little adapter is a wetdream for all 360 controller lovers who own a PS3. The Battle adapter allows you to hook up your Xbox 360 controller and use it with your PS3! XCM said that this product only works with the wired Xbox 360 controllers, and has a built in rapid fire function.

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TrevorPhillips3699d ago

ohh why did i swap my wired controlled to my cuzn for a wireless 1 i shold trade it back and using 360 control will be good for killzone 2

GVON3699d ago

no mate,unless it has sixaxis functions

Max Power3699d ago

we'll know the cheater with the sweet rapid fire shotgun, hand gun, sniper rifle, and all the other single shot weapons.

mikeslemonade3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Awesome, thisis one thing I like the 360 more than the PS3 is the controller. 360 controller simply is more durable. When I play 360 I don't have to worry about how hard I press the buttons or how fast I press the buttons.

Dammit this sucks now I have to give my money to Microsoft the corrupt cooperation.

Max Power3699d ago

that you don't play any games that require the pressure sensitive buttons.

ambientFLIER3699d ago

Those pressure sensitive buttons are a gimmick.

FantasyStar3699d ago

MGS2-4 wants a word with you.

iiraymoii3699d ago

Then I guess Microsoft's triggers are a gimmick..shame on them for using pressure technology.

buy a ps33699d ago

most games don’t use thing like pressure sensitive controls and sixaxes and something’s when they do they mess up (Lair). but when used well and correctly they add a great level of depth and fun to a game like heavenly sword, mgs4, rachet and clank, and hopefully Killzone 2

FantasyStar3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I thought Lair did a great job with SIXAXIS. If I'm able to score all Gold Tooth?(Trophies) on all levels, then I suppose the game isn't as broken as everyone's leading others to believe. Broken implies that the function is unusable. So technically I shouldn't be able to attain those Gold trophies if the controls was broken.

This pre-meditated hate, I blame on the lack of developers trying to take full-advantage of the tools presented. SIXAXIS has the potential to be something great. I hope KZ2 will make developers realize that. And I hope gamers can be more tolerant towards learning new forms of gaming.

And yes, I believe the Wii is a PoS even though I defend Motion controls: but that's another topic.

ShinMaster3699d ago

Why would I wanna trade my much responsive and superior pressure sensitive buttons from my PS3 controller with something that makes playing Street Fighter so freaking hard and rubbish!?

Tarasque3699d ago

Ohhhhhh, it is on now. I can finally stop using the playstation controller.

I have a broken pencil, but i can still write with it but it makes it hard. Understand?

@ The rest of the people
The 360 controller does have pressure sensitive buttons, and i don't mean the triggers. This was a major deal for me with the first DOA on the 360

QuackPot3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

A great controller for shooters. Solid unit.

Would love a Wii-mote adaptor though.

would be even better for Killzone2 or R2 for lightning fast aiming/looking.

pathetic fanboys3699d ago

a 360 on good to pass up on. that's really good news imo.

kevnb3699d ago

except that the wii-mote is inaccurate and clumsy for fps. Keyboard and mouse support would be nice though, I have a wireless set and a table.

ambientFLIER3698d ago

There's a huge difference between triggers and face buttons. Triggers have far more travel and buttons are impossible to press only quarter-way or half-way, like the triggers. Therefore, analog buttons = gimmick. Nice try.

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PistolPumptMonk3699d ago

Maybe now gametrailers can use a 360 controller on the PS3 and they won't whine about how bad the PS3 controller is. hehe

Personally, give me a Playstation controller anyday.

BulletToothtony3699d ago

i'm not a hater at all.. i think both consoles are great... both MS and Sony are challenging each other and WE the gamers are the ones that come out winning...

With that said, people will like the controller you're more used to playing.. In my case i rather the ps3 controller, it just feels more natural to me, since i play with it more often. that doesn't mean that the 360 sucks, only fanboys used an excuse as stupid as that to say that a game is worse on one console because of the controller.. that's just plain fanboy talk.

XxZxX3699d ago

Now now there, pistol, you are asking a pig to fly.

TrevorPhillips3699d ago

i agree with you man they do complain alot

ThatCanadianGuy3699d ago

No thanks.Dualshock 3 for me!

zig_zag_stories3699d ago

I like the 360 controller better then the ps3. my hands cramp up when playing the ps3 I cant wait. this is better then cramming a ps3 guts inside of a 360 controller

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