We Need More RPGs Set in Space

Seriously, there's a whole wide universe out there. Why are there so few RPGs that focus on space travel and alien planets?

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NecrumOddBoy21d ago

No mention of Outer Worlds? Good journalisming.

gamer780420d ago

While true, I prefer a serious space rpg and not one that’s goofy/humorous hard to explain

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CaptainHenry91620d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Outer Worlds felt like an incomplete game. Something was off. Not saying it was a bad game but it wasn't great. Probably the only action RPG that you couldn't even throw grenades in the game. Now Starfield can be that next big game in space

Ataraxias20d ago

It's not a question that the game is incomplete, the devs sort of admitted it themselves. They said they didn't have the resources to balance the game for different builds, and so just made all items/ammo really plentiful so anyone could beat with whatever they had. If they can't do that, it's not a stretch to think there were other corners cut.

neutralgamer199220d ago


Don't know what it was but OW didn't feel right. It was missing it's charm and felt incomplete. But I do think given a bigger budget and more development time it could be something special

I do wonder if Microsoft will have two developers working on fallout games at the same time. One being bethesda and other bring OW devs who did FONV

TheColbertinator20d ago

The Outer Worlds felt more like Borderlands than Mass Effect or any of the Star Wars games.

Rachel_Alucard20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

"Good Journalism"

Unironically yes. Not even worth calling it a space rpg.

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BlackIceJoe21d ago

I'd like to see Paramount invest in video game development, because I can totally see a Star Trek game being great.

Getting to explore the universe in a RPG Star Trek game that takes inspiration from Mass Effect and the Outer Worlds for it's RPG mechanics has huge potential.

As for the exploration part of the game having it take inspiration from No Man's Sky, the Outer Wilds and Freelancer would be great.

SaveFerris21d ago

I think I'd prefer an original IP rather than one based on the existing property. That way the developers won't be constrained by the lore. But there is nothing wrong with using Star Trek as an inspiration.

Godmars29020d ago

Star Trek online is likely is as close as you're going to get on that.

ApocalypseShadow20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

I'll agree to this. New RPG stories set in space.

Course, Phantasy Star back then had futuristic weapons and space travel. I still want PS5. Well...both PS5s. Lol. But I'm talking about a sequel to the series and not the console. PS Online is fine. But I want the old series gameplay back. Loved traveling to the other planets. Was very innovative back then. Created a sense of wonder and exploration.

locomorales20d ago

I think we need more games set anywhere away from medieval eurpean fantasy. Good Lord, I am really sick of elves, orcs and friends.

343_Guilty_Spark20d ago

You said it. It's so much culture out there beside Euro-medieval fantasy...much more!

Vegamyster20d ago

Well, we do have the perfect foundation for a space RPG:

staticall20d ago

IMO, we need more good RPGs. I couldn't care less if they set in space, under the sea, in future, current times or in medieval times, or in prehistoric even.

I would take Mass Effect-like game set in Ancient Greece over another Dragon Age II. Or Dragon Age: Origins-like set in current time over Deus Ex: Invisible War and so on.

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