The Best PS1 RPGs to Play in 2021

What are the best PS1 RPGs to check out today? Which stand the test of time? The experts here at Siliconera are here to help!

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SDuck30d ago

For someone with the best taste possible in what comes to Final Fantasy ;) you're missing a pretty great PS1 RPG... Breath of Fire! IV is one of my favorite childhood games but some say III is a classic (never played, can't tell).

Cosmoplayer8430d ago

Xenogears too ! This game is one of the best rpg of ps1 era

bouzebbal29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I love Vagrant but it aged so badly.. the best are camera free games imo..
There are so many amazing jrpg on ps1.. you can't go wrong with FF but Legend of Dragoon deserves to be played

Magog29d ago

The picture says it all. Vagrant Story is the best.

HaveAsandwich29d ago

Vagrant Story needs a remake so badly. New UI, new everything.

on_line_forever29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Vagrant story remake devolped by FromSoftware 👍🔥❤

Knightofelemia29d ago

Xenosaga trilogy and Xenogears