This Half-Life: Alyx No-VR Mod Looks Amazing

The quest to bring this VR exclusive game to the flatscreen seems to be going well. Modders can do amazing things, can't they?

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-Foxtrot29d ago

The fact one person has managed this where every update looks better and better is such an accomplishment

People said it couldn’t be done, then said it wouldn’t be done properly...

Imagine if Valve, with all those resources, talent, people and money made a non VR game which played like a traditional Half Life game along side this or was released a year later...they could do it no problem.

xenz29d ago

Still looks ten times worse without VR. Why would you even bother to play it this way?

-Foxtrot28d ago

1) Some people can’t afford VR

2) Others can’t play due to motion sickness or other self problems

3) Maybe they don’t care for VR

Iceman100x28d ago

Maybe because nobody is stupid enough to buy a worthless vr system for 1 game.

GottaBjimmyb28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I mean, it would really only be a kinda average game without VR. With VR it is basically a top tier game. This is a removal of features and wow factor in search of accessibility. The way it handles interactivity and immersion are really only possible to fully experience in VR.

Glad to see it, but it is kinda a disservice to the game when it does release.

Would be like asking for Wii sports on a non-motion gamepad, that would be fire and definitely exactly as good of an experience. /s

29d ago
Orchard29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Crazy that one guy can build this with the mod tools. Sad that it isn’t from Valve themselves/they didn’t provide a non-VR mode, or that there’s no HL3/full HL game.

I’ll definitely try this out though - love HL, don’t love VR.

XbladeTeddy28d ago

Didn't provide a non-vr mode as it was made from the ground up for vr specifically so why would they?

-Foxtrot28d ago

Because it’s Valve, if one studio has the time, money and resources to do that, it’s them

Especially if the ending changes everything for Half Life 3, a game now vital to understand things going forward

Orchard28d ago

@XbladeTeddy The HL series is enjoyed by a lot of gamers, why lock part of the story exclusively to such a small % of gamers?

Elda29d ago

Valve could make more money from this game if they released a non vr version.

TheRealTedCruz28d ago

It would defeat the purpose of the entire project, and the end result would be a much worse game.

ecchiless28d ago

so true, ppl need to understand that not all the games have to be traditional nor they need to play all the games.

GottaBjimmyb28d ago

Agreed, they should release Wii sports on standard gamepad controls, it would be so much better.

jjb198128d ago

The mechanics in the game are made for VR. Without VR it'd be like an Episode 3, kinda.

giveyerheadawobble29d ago


The entire game was built from the ground up to be VR. That means everything from level design, AI, interactivity, the lot. Basically everything that is next level and only possible in VR and 6DOF. Whoever is doing this is basically gimping the game and making it worse, and if anyone wants to argue with any of that, then you just haven't played a FPS in VR, and it's as simple as that. Every single traditional input method gets absolutely demolished by what VR offers in terms of control, be it from interactivity, to aim and firing, to reloading a gun. Makes a KB and mouse redundant in comparison, and a control pad seem prehistoric.

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The story is too old to be commented.