Hellblade 2 Actor Shares A Look Behind The Scenes Of The Upcoming Sequel

The upcoming release of Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 is one of the most highly-anticipated Xbox Game Studios titles in development, and lead actor Melina Juergens has shared a new video diary about the making of the game.

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DJStotty20d ago

A great look at the people involved behind the games, could this be gearing up for a Hellblade 2 announcement?

I hope so

NeoGamer23220d ago

Ya, nice to see a real article about the making of a video game that wasn't just a bunch of marketing/fan fluff. Actually gave us info about the real efforts people at development studios go to in trying to make their games as realistic as possible.

Extermin8or3_20d ago

Not convinced this will sell all that well. Considering the original game was a timed pa4 and pc exclusive and sold best on ps4 as I understand . It has apparently changed tone and gameplay design plans significantly since then which is a shame.bwe shall see.

Ausbo20d ago

As great as the first one was, if they change it from less of a walking simulator to more of an action puzzler, most people won’t complain.

Obscure_Observer20d ago


I have no doubts that Hellblade II will be packed with action and improved combat system

As shown in the video, Melina has been working very hard on both her acting and performance skills. I expect nothing but excellence from her.

Sol4ris20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

"Not convinced this will sell all that well. Considering the original game was a timed pa4 and pc exclusive and sold best on ps4 as I understand "

If Microsoft would have cared about sales, the game wouldn't be a day one release on Game Pass. It's commendable😁 that you are concerned about sales but shouldn't be, Microsoft have done the maths and sales are not the sole focus, Game Pass subscriptions are..

Extermin8or3_17d ago

You realise that if theybwant to attract significant new games pass members they need titles people using the service want o play lest they let their subscriptions lapse.

CrimsonWing6920d ago

Well, I’m going to buy it.

DJStotty20d ago

I'm going to gamepass it :p

DEEHULK8820d ago

It was pretty much an indie game, so now much more money is going into it and it will of course be on Gamepass

medman20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

As someone who had a ps4 but skipped the xbox one last gen after having both a ps3 and 360 previously, gamepass is what convinced me to get a series x along with a ps5 this gen (as did the design and capability of the series x). Nothing beats Sony's first party games for me (looking forward to playing Returnal in a few weeks), but I love gamepass as well. I downloaded Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice via gamepass, and I'm looking forward to doing the same for Senua's Saga.

Zeref20d ago

where did you get this information? Or is that just fake concern?

TheGreatGazoo3020d ago (Edited 20d ago )

It's launching on GamePass. Sales isn't the metric they care about. I'm willing to bet more people play this than the first game, which was an incredible gaming experience.

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Highrevz20d ago

Just hearing her voice was enough to give me goosebumps.

DJStotty20d ago

Me too, can't wait for this game and to see more gameplay/details.

giovonni20d ago

Ninja theory did an excellent job with the first Hell Blade! The way they tackled mental illness, and incorporated that into the game’s landscape, dialog, puzzles, and actions balanced with the story was excellent. I would like to see more variety with puzzles though.

Rambokind20d ago

The first game was a true sleeper, a well-made game. I hope the sequel does expand on exploration, etc. It's an amazing world, so to keep it simple and linear like the first game will be a disappointment.

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