Immortals Fenyx Rising dev on IP's future, hopes it can become a franchise

Ubisoft has a bunch of different franchises it tends to revisit, but it recently introduced a brand new IP in Immortals Feynx Rising.

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Duke1924d ago

I really wanted to enjoy this game but it ultimately just felt too shallow for me. After 15ish hours or so I felt like I basically had seen and unlocked everything (weapons, moves, etc) so then it just became an endless repeat for no reason

northpaws24d ago

It is a general problems of Ubisoft games, their open world games are mostly generic and repetitive. Not sure if it istheir development process or just lack of creative talents.

They bring in some cool idea here and there, and do willing to take risk more than EA or Activition, just for some reasons their games are just not very fun to play.

Duke1923d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I dont even put this all on ubisoft, and I dont hate "repetition" in a ton of games. For example I had just platinumed AC:Valhalla and really enjoyed it. Fenyx Rising had a lot of good going on imo (not terrible writing, fun concept) - but yeah ultimately it felt like an unfinished game to me, idk

northpaws23d ago (Edited 23d ago )


I don't know, I used to love AC, but I am further and further from finishing for each new game in the series. My brother who was a big fan of it, have been complaining non-stop when he was playing Valhalla, it seems like a struggle for him to finish the game, each zone is just too similar structure wise... I like games that you cannot predict what happen next, and Ubisoft open world games are the exact opposite of that.

ZeekQuattro23d ago

It has that patented Ubisoft open world feel. Lol It doesn't bother me as I don't buy them on the regular so I'm not burnt out yet but I can see why it turns a lot of people off.