NVIDIA RTX Direct Illumination Enables Games with Up to Millions of Dynamic Lights

NVIDIA's new RTX Direct Illumination tech promises to deliver up to millions of dynamic, interactive lights to PC and next-gen console games with a combination of ray tracing and deep learning algorithms.

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cooperdnizzle770d ago

Man games are gonna take a huge step forward in the next couple of years. Can’t wait to see it!

Eidolon770d ago

Yeah, hardware Ray Tracing and lighting is likely just in an adolescent stage if not infant. Hopefully the performance cost could be near negligible at some point. Of course you're also talking about potentially increasing die size, memory, and TDP, so bigger card, however if they can have dedicated hardware to perform calculations that would otherwise increase the TDP(anount of CUs/clocks/cycles, etc), maybe it's a step in the right direction.

FinalFantasyFanatic769d ago

That and imagine the difference it would make to game development, they could use ray tracing instead of all the other tricks and coding they use to "fake" light and shadow, and it'll look much more realistic too!

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frostypants769d ago


Or theyll just waste all the horsepower chasing resolution.

Parasyte769d ago

Too bad it's impossible to get any of the GPUs that support this right now.

Magog769d ago

Strange to see Nvidia supporting AMD with software.

silkylove769d ago

Pretty sure they get paid whenever a developer uses their software. The new gen consoles are a huge market for them to tap into.

anubusgold769d ago

I can see the advantages of ray tracing when it rains in cyberpunk it really stands out then how puddles in the street just spread light everywhere.

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