GameSpy: Red Faction: Guerrilla Preview

It makes sense that Volition, the developer behind the lurid Saints Row games, would recast the dormant Red Faction series in a sandbox. What's surprising is that it didn't try to design around the shooter's trademark: terrain deformation. To hear the studio's reps tell it, getting deformation right is the specific reason we haven't seen Red Faction in so many years. "We had to wait till technology caught up," says associate producer Sean Kennedy.

Apparently, technology has caught up. THQ has been parading Red Faction: Guerrilla around for a little while now, though not as much as you'd expect a publisher of a high-budget open-world game to. Perhaps this has something to do with the other, recently-released project that Volition had been working on.

Earlier this week, THQ invited GameSpy to check out Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Fine detail evident in the physics model.

Persistence of destruction may hinder immersion as much as it encourages it.

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