Gamespot: Need for Speed Undercover DS Review

The Departed. Donnie Brasco. Reservoir Dogs. There are many great undercover adventures. Do not count Need for Speed Undercover for the Nintendo DS among their number. With shoddy graphics, bland environments, and dubious control, Need for Speed Undercover is a barely passable racing game. And on the scale of undercover adventures, it's trumped by the likes of Kindergarten Cop and White Chicks.

The Good:
* Good sense of speed with high-performance cars
* Robust car customization options
* Performance upgrades are instantly noticeable.

The Bad:
* Threadbare plot doesn't even try to make sense
* Wonky physics helps you bounce off walls to victory
* Miniscule draw distance keeps you guessing
* Tri-City Bay Area is a lifeless shell
* Way too easy.

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