IGN : Where the Hell,PSN??!!

IGN Playstation Team writes "As far as the PSN is concerned, Sony's fledgling service has had serious ups and downs in its two year existence. In many ways, the largest advantage is that PS3 owners get an online service, complete with browsers and search engine, as well as messaging and friends lists for free. The inclusion of Life with PlayStation (which is the evolution of the widely acclaimed [email protected] project) was a great touch, and the recent addition of Trophies provides bragging rights and rewards for playing PS3 games. Even the video and voice chat is an excellent option for friends that want to communicate. "

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Panthers3698d ago

This is a little off topic, but the need to display your trophy level beside your name, so people dont have to click on your name to see it.

rockleex3696d ago

Best PSN purchase EVER!! ^_^

Now if only Konami set out to make an HD remake for Castlevania: SotN with co-op online/offline, leaderboards, etc.

Flare1493698d ago

Well that was stupid. The movies are clearly hard to get and it won't just happen over night, and as for the games PSN is filled with lots of unique exclusive games people actually want to play. XBL just has a bunch of remakes and crud, which while good, don't add anything new.

littletad3698d ago

Obviously you haven't played castle crashers or omega five. "Don't add anything new"? Why should it? The remakes are updated with slightly better graphics and sometimes online-play mechanics, making them superior most of the time to their original counterparts. As for the "games people actually want to play", that's just opinion. There's different taste of games on both psn and xbl.

Eddie201013698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I don't know what the guy that wrote this is smoking but PSN has been getting more content per week than Xbox live for quite a while (what Xbox live gets in one week is not as much as PSN gets in one day a week).

I know people keep using the fact that PSN doesn't have that many PS1 games to download as a way to criticize PSN, but does that many people care other than Xbots.

I don't know what Xbox live is getting thats different from what PSN is getting except for video content (Netflix, Music videos, and some internet videos) nothing that really makes me think the Xbox Live is leaps and bounds better than PSN.

Netflix streaming video isn't that great and you have to subscribe to Netlix service to use it, its an option but its not free. I do have to admit I use it, but I wouldn't have picked one system over the other for that.

The games that PSN offers are just as good as what Xbox live offers but with no limits to data size and some are full retail games.

Sony has said that Home will release in a public beta this month. They have said that it will always be in beta because the content and features will constantly change.

InMyOpinion3698d ago

Get your head checked, mate.

"PSN has been getting more content per week than Xbox live for quite a while (what Xbox live gets in one week is not as much as PSN gets in one day a week)"

Look here...

Videogamer: DLC Royal Rumble - PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs Wii

Go back and look at prior weeks, XBL always wins because it has more content every single week.

dantesparda3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Hey Littetad, just cuz you sweat Omega Five and Castle Crashers dont mean they are the greatest sh!t! That's just your opinion. And Jenzo, you are one of the biggest fanboys on this site. Are you crazy? I have both (unlike your fanboy a$$) and i can honestly tell you that Live does not get more content per week. PLEASE! you better stop reading fanboy sites that use one week as proof of their bullsh!t points. They are more or less the same if not Sony does have them beat. And Littletad Omega Five is in no way original, can you say Forgotten Worlds?

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DNAgent3698d ago

You can't spell ignorant without "ign".

Timesplitter143698d ago

As much as I hate that article, I think IGN are still pretty respectable among the other gaming sites

ambientFLIER3698d ago

Lol, EVERY PS3 dork was praising IGN as being unbiased recently. Suddenly, one negative article against Sony means they are paid off by MS. LOL.

Magic_The_Celt3698d ago

^^ who said that? theres not one post here that says sony payed them off?....

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poopsack3698d ago

im looking forward to the game that plays like unreal flash

littletad3698d ago

So what if Microsoft has those live arcade games, I'm quite sure they have their own exclusives on there. And all the movies he mentions... are on blu-ray.

ruibing3698d ago

I think its just a good way to help let Sony know that it wouldn't be unethical or anything to take away some of the XBLA exclusives. While our talks on forums might be missed by Sony PR/Marketing/Execs, this won't be.

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