Nintendo's Control Options Are Woefully Lackluster

Nintendo prides itself on making games for everyone, but that won’t truly be the case unless it adopts these control options in earnest.

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Fraggle198723d ago

None of them come close to the duelsense or Xbox controller. Just cheaper made, simple as that. They have lots of options but each one is bad in different ways.

iplay1up223d ago

I have a Legend of Zelda pro controller and it is alright.

NotoriousWhiz23d ago

The Switch pro controller is pretty much the same as the Xbox controller just without analog triggers. But it does have gyro and HD rumble which the Xbox controller lacks.

Dualsense is definitely better though.

Sayai jin23d ago

Notorious, are you comparing the Xbox Elite Controller to the Nintendo Pro controller?

NotoriousWhiz23d ago

No. Why would I do that? One is premium, the other is basic. Nintendo switch pro controller and regular Xbox controller are the same price.

Sayai jin21d ago

Not sure. That's why I asked. I am aware of the differences. As I have a few of both.

NotoriousWhiz23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

This article seems to be complaining more about the ability to customize controls in game rather than the controller itself. Most of the complaints relate to being forced to use the gyro to complete breath of the wild's shrines. They certainly could have enabled the thumbsticks as an additional option for those shrines, but either way I don't see it as a big deal that deserves a whole article, especially 4 years later.

MeteorPanda23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

i cannot stress how much l need a "dont turn on my switch if pressed" feature on my controller.

i have the thing in my bag so its constantly turning on the switch in its case. by the time i open it up in the train its st 70 %

manually disconnecting fron my switch over and over is tedious