To Add or Not to AD: Microsoft & Blizzard

Video game advertising company Massive, owned by Microsoft, just struck a major Advertising deal with Blizzard Entertainment.

MS & Blizzard have agreed to a multi-year advertising deal that will span throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Korea and Australia.

Paul Sams, COO of Blizzard Entertainment said that this deal would not mean in-game ads, "This partnership does not include in-game advertising, as Massive understands and respects our stance against advertising that might detract from gameplay or offend our players,".

Massive will also serve ads on Blizzard's websites, not too bad with its 11 million subscribers to its insanely popular WOW online role playing game.

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MIA3700d ago

MS needs to start doing things like this. This is why they want Yahoo, they want to cash in to their Advertsing business and the gaming industry being a powerhouse. It is projected that online advertising business is worth > $150B.