Epic Games CEO Now Officially Richest Man in North Carolina

Until recently, the position of "richest man in the state of North Carolina" didn't seem like a competitive one. James "Jim" Goodnight, billionaire software developer and co-founder of SAS Institute, had held the position comfortably for several years. Reports published early in April seemed to indicate that Goodnight, whose fortune is currently valued at $6.5 billion, would retain control of the title in 2021, despite developer Epic Games outperforming SAS among North Carolina-based businesses.

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lodossrage23d ago

Do people still fall for his "I'm for the everyday man" image?

Or have people finally started to wake up to his game. And before anyone says it, no I'm not saying that because of his wealth

Godmars29022d ago

Then why are you saying it, given its the only real reason to say it.

lodossrage22d ago

I'm saying it because this is the same man that sat here and fearmonged Windows 10 gaming, basically saying they would firmware steam out of existence. He tried to come off like the protector of PC gaming. Then exactly one year later, his Epic Game Store releases and now the REAL reason he was so worried about Windows 10 showed itself.

And now, that very same store he tried to "protect" is the one he's actively trying to defeat right now.

Does that answer your question Godmars290? Or do you still think wealth is the "only" reason?

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Highrevz22d ago

He looks like someone that drives around in a mini van saying there’s chocolate and puppies inside 😂

UltimateOwnage22d ago

Goodie for him. It’s obvious not enough wealth yet otherwise he’d back off on his crusade against Apple.

LightofDarkness22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

When they have practically infinite wealth, gained by being ruthless in their endeavours, their gaze inevitably turns to power and domination. Because that's probably why they sought wealth in the first place.

SenorFartCushion22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Richest thumb, going off the picture.

Atticus_finch22d ago

Much more respectable in my opinion.

FunAndGun22d ago

All that money and you had to shut down Paragon... I so sad.

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The story is too old to be commented.