Returning to Dragon Age: Origins feels like coming home, and it's helping me navigate through grief

Revisiting Dragon Age: Origins helped me realize that our favorite games can help us process grief

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Christopher23d ago

Sorry for your loss, Heather.

LordoftheCritics23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

So True. The most difficult times in my life were accompanied by some great games and select movies.

The companions in Mass Effect and Dragon Age were very connecting.

''By losing myself in a game I know so well, I somehow found myself again. By becoming a hero who could be courageous, I could somehow find my way back to feeling a little more together''

This. All those values are already within you. We just need a little reminding.

victorMaje22d ago

I constantly find myself thinking about DA:Origins. It’s the 1 remaster I would’ve loved to re-experience.
Looks like my PS3 is about to read the disc soon.

Yui_Suzumiya22d ago

Never cared much for Origins but absolutely loved 2 and Inquisition. Even got the platinum for 2.

jznrpg22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Loved Origins but 2 was super garbage to me . I liked Inquisition but it wasn’t as good as Origins

Bladesfist21d ago

Origins was the best one, 2 was awful and Inquisition was ok

Warhead722d ago

Recently replayed this game myself after playing many years ago. The characters were all really good and realistic. It really felt you were trying to save the world with some friends. Would love a remaster of this so more people could experience how BioWare games used to be.

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