Resistance 2: 10,000 kills Trophy Tips

I know that most Resistance 2 players are struggling to get the 10,000 kills in 'Competitive' mode. But do not worry anymore because has come to make your life easier. I personally still have about 6,000 kills now but I achieved it in only 3 days! And I will share to you all some tips that will help you to survive the battle.

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ThatCanadianGuy3698d ago

This is one of the last three trophies i need for the platinum.It's freakin hard tho.Especially since i'm changing from LBP,R2,COD5 & Fallout 3.

I just don't have the time to try for 10,000 kills :(

FaSeCeX3698d ago

10k kills is too much time i dont have to spend on trophies are always exaggerated..i would say only about %20 or less of r2 owners will actually achieve it..the trophy should have been for co-op instead of comp...comp mode blows too

PS3 FTW3697d ago

LBP Platinum - check

CoD5 Platinum - check

R2 Platinum - shortly... very shortly

Kleptic3697d ago

wow...these were some GREAT tips...assuming you never played a competitive shooter your life...

10k isn't bad...i'm over 40k in CoD 4...and it only took around 6 months to do that (as i pretty much stopped playing when MGS4 released)...i'd play about 5-10 hours a week or so from last November till may'ish...would have hit 10k in a little over a month...

and R2 is just as easy to get kills sounds overwhelming...but really isn't...its just a trophy that comes with time...

whatever this kid is talking about about with 6k kills in 3 days is beyond me...that is probably completely false, as his 'helpful hints' are only useful to idiots that have no idea what they are doing...

XxZxX3698d ago

doesnt have to do it all in 3 days.I projected myself in a month. Don't let the trophy spoil the games for you.

TheHater3697d ago

I just need about 3300 more kills for that trophy. That the only one I am missing.

D-Throne3697d ago

Arrgh, this has to be in ranked matches though. =[

theEnemy3697d ago

It's hard to earn that 10,000 kills on ranked games where 40% are playing COOP and 40% are playing custom competitive games.


Rofflecopter3697d ago

yeah, i dont think that everyone understands that "find game" is unranked.. and it really does lessen the number of people available to play ranked matches..

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The story is too old to be commented.