PlayStation 5: The best external SSD upgrade options tested

Digital Foundry : For a console that pushes technology to the next level in so many respects, there is one defining limitation to the PlayStation 5 hardware - its restrictive 667GB of useable storage. This week's system software update finally allows users to archive PS5 titles to external hard drives and SSDs, and of course, PS4 titles can be run from plug-in storage too - but what's the best option? We decided to put things to the test, stacking up the internal solid-state solution against three alternatives: a passport-style external hard drive, a SATA SSD and an NVMe alternative, housed within an appropriate enclosure.

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darthv7224d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I already have a 4tb seagate game drive I plan to use with the 5. It has all my 4 games on it that I can just plug in and play. From what i hear, the games (GoW, GoT, Days Gone) will still get the benefits of the 5 hardware in terms of performance, just not load times.

For SSD... I can wait for the internal expansion to become available.

Mr Logic24d ago

Exactly this. I have known that an external SSD would benefit loading times, but at $100 for only 1tb (which isn't even enough for me) I decided to just wait and put that money towards and NVME expansion.

Aggesan24d ago

That's three games. You don't have four, only three.

Skate-AK24d ago

I think he means 4 as in all of his PS4 games, then brought up the other three games in a different context.

Aggesan24d ago

@Skate-AK he might have five games, since he mentions a five in the beginning. I guess no one will ever know for sure.

Dirty_Lemons24d ago

I use a 4TB Seagate for the PS4 games and you do get the benefits of the Boost feature for sure.

Duke1924d ago

Whats the advantage of the Ps5 external drive exactly? Not having to do a full re-download/re-install of a game onto your primary internal drive when you want to play it? (as I assume copying the archive will be faster than that?)

By the time im finally able to buy a PS5 (lol), I hope they just offer larger internal drivespace

Highrevz24d ago

Yea that right but it’s far better people having that option then not at all. There’s a few next gen games/updates now so people could easily fill the console with games. Downloading them again takes time but for some people it might add to there data bill.

Not sure we will see more internal space on any of the consoles for a long time yet.


Yep, it’s nice for now, but I think they only developed this capability to match Xbox

ocelot0723d ago

Yer copying is a lot faster. I transfere Borderlands 3 ps5 from the ps5 SSD to a 4tb external and took about 5 minutes to transfer 51gb.

Rashers24d ago

There are a few benefits from having the external drive, if its USB 3.0 i feel it loads ps4 games slightly faster on my PS5.
PS4 games can load and play straight from the external leaving the internal free for PS5 games. Now Ps5 games can also be stored on the external which is alot faster than re downloading. Another benefit for me is that i still have my PS4pro, so i can unplug the hard drive and use it on that in the other room.

SlothLordPootus24d ago

One thing I always wonder: About how many games do you play at a time? I am usually playing 2-3 (1 single player, 1-2 multiplayer) at any given point, just wondering if most people play a lot more than that? Or is the utility you see in it mostly because of download speeds/data caps?

Teflon0224d ago

For me, I stick to 1 JRPG, then I have a bunch of casual games I play every so often based on mood like Crash 4, A Hat in Time, Yooka Laylee, I'm a kart racer fanboy so I got em from Mario Kart down to Garfield kart and super indie kart etc. I play different ones but generally play CTRNF. So the thing for me. Being able to jump on say sonic, Scott Pilgrim, Fat Princess Adventure, And those casuals then jump on spiderman whenever I'm ready, then go over to FFVIIR, P5R, Trails of Cold Steel or Ryza 2. Which ever I'm currently playing. Then I have my games like Temtem, Genshin, and such that get updates often and you're suppose to get on daily. It really just adds up.

But I'll say I have I think 22 on my ps5 drive and got like 200gb left. The game sizes being smaller really helps. But I also have a 4TB external where all PS4 titles I'm not actively playing alot sit on. So only CTR and P5R are on the ps5 for PS4.

I know alot.say it's the internet caps. Luckily it's unlimited here. And we got 1.5gbs. but I definitely remember PS3 days my mom use to get overage fees from game updates and downloading games. We had like 200gbs per month so we couldn't play online games for like 2 years until it was a law to have an unlimited option.

BenRC0124d ago

Sad state of affairs we have to load up on last gen games

dumahim24d ago

I think Covid is playing a large part of that. If it wasn't for BC, I think they both would have just delayed the new consoles.

OneGreenMRAJ24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I don't have to, but I do part of the time because there are so many great ones. Currently playing Ys VIII (on PS5) and Cyberpunk 2077 (on PC), and having a blast with both. Having a job and adult responsibilities means I end up with a sizeable backlog. When there are so many great games out there that you don't have time to play them all, I'd say that's a pretty happy state of affairs for the average gamer.

Knushwood Butt24d ago

I've been buying a bunch of PSVR games lately and I have a PS5.

Not a sad state of affairs at all.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen23d ago

I have a massive backlog so speak for yourself.

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jznrpg24d ago

I’ll buy a NVME , it’s coming sooner than later and that’s fine with me

OneGreenMRAJ24d ago

Same. The tech is both rapidly improving and dropping in price, the next gen consoles have only accelerated this long overdue digital storage upgrade.

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