Final Fantasy XV Deserves A Second Chance

Final Fantasy XV had many development issues, a public opinion pitted against it, and plenty of delays—and it deserves a second look.

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Christopher26d ago

The game that got a specific treatment for mobile/Switch graphics and had the most DLC of any standalone FF game didn't get enough attention the first time?

Inverno26d ago

I wouldn't call any of that a second chance. Personally a second chance would be if they went and made vs 13. The mobile version was a cash grab and the stand alone DLCs were just a way to sell to us all the unfinished content. If KH is any indication, it's clear Namura hasn't quite let go of Vs 13

Michiel198926d ago

it had like 3 chances, first regular release, then dlc releases and 3rd the royal edition. They've had plenty of second chances, but the game is still Backstreet boys go on a road trip.

drizzom25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

@Michiel1989 Maybe thats why a second chance would be if it came back as the original Versus 13 idea. If it came back with that same 'backstreet boys' approach then it would get the same reaction from everyone.

Army_of_Darkness25d ago

I will eventually give it a second chance cause my first play attempt was for about 2hrs. Then I lost interest and drifted to another game... Maybe when I get a ps5 I'll return to it.

Michiel198925d ago (Edited 25d ago )

@drizzom i dont even want versus XIII anymore, yes it looked frickin awesome in the trailers. but as we can see now it brought them more problems than good fortune. Also i dont want another take on Noctis be it with or without his groupies even if its in the Versus XIII setting. Going back to Fabula Nova Crystallis or whatever they wanted the XIII saga to be called is a mistake in my opinion. Just let versus rest in peace instead of defiling its grave.

I just hope ff16 will be good. From what ive seen now this is the ff game for me, I like the medieval fantasy setting more than the modern settings. Let's hope we get to see some gameplay in the not too distant future.

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Harkins172125d ago

The DLC was already planned. The 2nd chance was the 2nd set of Dlc thag they canceled. Tabata just kept doing everything wrong with the game. That comrades dlc should be part of the main game not an online component. The game wasn't finished and as much as I liked it, it should have been much better.

Inverno25d ago

The comrades dlc was such a huge slap. The coolest part of the story, and we weren't even allowed to play through it so what do they think would be a cool way to explore the dark world? Multiplayer! I too enjoyed a lot of sections in this game, and I especially like the train scene with the ghost of Luna but there were too many "wtf were thinking" moments.

Z50125d ago

How would comrades work offline?

Christopher25d ago

***I wouldn't call any of that a second chance.***

I also didn't call it a second chance. I'm saying it had so much post-release attention and work that claiming it deserves a second chance doesn't make sense to me.

Move on and learn from the mistakes of the game. Obviously the tons of work they put into it, which is way more than their other stand-alone games, showed they didn't have a solution for the game.

Inverno25d ago

I was just wording it like the article title. Despite it getting so much attention I always saw that as SE just trying to milk it for all it's worth. They're doing it again with 7 remake with the mobile remake of the remake and that isn't the kind of attention I would've liked for 15 to have gotten. Think from the snippets of gameplay for 16 that they've learned something from 15, I would just personally like to see the original vision Vs13 to be explored again some time after it all.

BrainSyphoned25d ago

DLC: Cut story content that they canceled before they patched the pieces back together for a more cohesive experience that should have been there to begin with and now never will have.

25d ago
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Furesis26d ago

Oh it did. This version "ff15" is like the 3rd chance it got. They tried to make a game out of this and constantly kept changing stuff. From the initial FF13 Versus, to the E3 FF15 name change version to finally what we got on release. I'm happily waiting for FF16 and i am going to forget that this dumpster fire even existed.

roadkillers25d ago

I won't doge... your opinion. I would say it was a cool change of pace. I'm happy they tried something different after the boring mess that was FF13 and the **** first release of FF14. As a huge FF12 fan, I am eagerly awaiting a return to midcentury lure with 16.

Michiel198925d ago

@road isnt 16 also in Ivalice?

roadkillers25d ago

I didn't believe so, but I'm not huge on the lore.

locomorales26d ago

I liked the game. It's not my favorite FF by any means, but I appreciate Square trying to do something different, even if don't score the highest.

I'm really tired of european medieval fantasy games. This is boring.

phoenixwing25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

How can you say that with a straight face. For the past decade or so all they've released are techno future sci fi magic final fantasy games aside from the mmo

Army_of_Darkness25d ago

Medieval fantasy games is never boring bro. They are usually enjoyable and interesting to play and explore personally. Final Fantasy only had a handful of medieval period games, The rest are futuristic or steampunk type themes from what I recall.

Ratty25d ago

@phoenixwing have you ever played any Final Fantasy game ever? It's never not been that. Even FF1 had a little bit of tech in it. FFXVI is actually the first time it's going full medieval.

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Highrevz26d ago

The world and story was interesting but I just can’t do the battle style in these games anymore.

Duke1926d ago

I’m right there with ya. I really enjoyed the world and graphics, but the actually gameplay felt flashy but without substance to me. I miss the older FF’s for that rather than the new model

TheRealTedCruz26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

It's what made me not enjoy the FF7 remake demo, though ultimately really enjoyed the world.
It kept me from buying the game.

At some point I'll grab the inevitable full version on PC for cheap, but who knows how many years that's going to be?

I just don't like the feel of what Square does with action combat in FF.

AnnaDea26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

"At some point I'll grab the inevitable full version on PC for cheap, but who knows how many years that's going to be?"

So according to you full version rpgs are only those that are over 100 hours in play time?

According to your limited logic no multi part games are full games? So shenmue 1 and 2 are not full games then? Not even FF X and X-2?

This is the most tiresome argument in the history of Final Fantasy and it's still driven by naive and bigot people. Especially when it's a retelling of FF VII.

If you bothered playing the game you should know that FF VII already has happened in the remakes story and several characters like Aerish and Sephiroth knows that, hence part 2 will take a whole different direction than the OG. One of the bigger difference in the remake was fighting against fate and not let the original timeline to happen again,

But whatever.

Live in your la la land.

TheRealTedCruz24d ago


Final Fantasy 7 remake is supposed to be a remake of final fantasy 7. Final Fantasy 7 remake only contains a section of Final Fantasy 7, thus they didn't remake Final Fantasy 7.
Also, just like Kingdom Hearts where they took the entire series which, obviously, Square wants to treat the remake of a singular release as, and released it as a whole, singular package, they'll eventually do the same elsewhere.

Go squeeeeee elsewhere. :^)

curtain_swoosh26d ago

wasnt the royal edition the "second chance" and the numerous patches also?
i liked the game, but i havent touched it since i finished it.

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