March 2021 NPD: PlayStation 5 is the fastest-selling U.S. console ever

PlayStation 5 sales are on a record trajetory. But the Nintendo Switch, meanwhile, was the top-selling console in March.

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Krangs_Uncle30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


bouzebbal29d ago

Just give me RE8 and Returnal already

darthv7229d ago

I know my sale will be added to April NPD. I just ordered it on the 14th and should get it on the 19th.

purple10129d ago

Give me ratchet and GT7. NOW.

meantime.. il play modern warfare. And those free games ps+ keeps chucking me!

Destruction All stars and Abe's.oddesy for.meeeee

Jin_Sakai29d ago

People are still going to buy PS5. They’re just not happy with the recent decisions.

generic-user-name29d ago

A lot of us are able to tell when things are being blown out of proportion. Sony doing bad is good for clicks, hence why you won't hear many report that Jason Schreier himself went on to say people blew it out of proportion (even though he absolutely led people to believe it).

Jin_Sakai29d ago

“A lot of us are able to tell when things are being blown out of proportion.”

Please explain how shuttering Sony Japan Studio, rejecting Days Gone 2, and green lighting a pointless The Last of Us PS5 remaster is blown out of proportion?

Christopher29d ago

99.99% of gamers don't even know about the rumors you keep trying to spread as fact.

Redemption-6429d ago

Seriously anyone that followed Japan studio knew their games were not selling well. Sony is a business and not a charity. People pretended to care, but not many cared to support Japan Studio when they were actually releasing games. You can say Fake outrage. Also we have no idea the conversation Sony had with Bend. If am not mistaken the article had stated the studio had problems during the development and the fact that Sony allowed them to make a new game, shows Sony was clearly far more interested their their new game over days gone. Plus Sony remastering a game is not the end of the world and people have seriously made blown this out of proportion.

Jin_Sakai29d ago

“Seriously anyone that followed Japan studio knew their games were not selling well.“

You guys act like you’re celebrating the closer of Japan Studio. Do you want all western games going forward?

Christopher29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

***You guys act like you’re celebrating the closer of Japan Studio. Do you want all western games going forward?***

Nioh Remasters, Yakuza: Like A Dragon, Balan Wonderworld, C14 Dating, Ruinverse, Judgment, Genshin Impact, Subnautica: Below Zero, FFVII Remake, Scarlet Nexus, Utawarerumono: Zan 2, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Hinokami Keppuutan, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, and more.

Your hyperbole doesn't help your argument.

Edit: Heck, didn't even mention the biggest selling Sony game out of Japan. GT7.

Redemption-6429d ago

Do you want all western games going forward?

Maybe start by actually convincing the so called gamers that love to talk about these games but not support them. No company will close a studio that is making money. People should stop pretending to care about these companies when they refuse to support them.

Also, closing a studio that many gamers refused to support does not equate to no more Japanese games and only western games. Just in case you didn't know, they are not the only Japanese game studio. With or without them, other companies will be releasing Japanese games. I just hope people will support these games.

Gameseeker_Frampt29d ago


"99.99% of gamers don't even know about the rumors you keep trying to spread as fact."

What is the % of n4g readers that don't know the facts because you yourself have been working to bury negative Sony news. You even repeatedly lied about Sony announcing a year ago that they were closing the 3 PSN stores and used that as your basis for covering up that news. How exactly are you helping Sony fans by not allowing them to read news that affects them?

Christopher29d ago

Rumors are not facts. If it's a fact, provide a source that isn't an anonymous insider.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod29d ago

Who are these people? Just nothing but silly hyperbole....and you are being played by the Us games media...

OneGreenMRAJ29d ago

I mean, is there really another option? It's not like they have any competition.

1Victor29d ago

Jin_sakai see on the news Sony is shutting down Japan studio.
In his mind he read Sony is not supporting Japanese games 🤦🏿 🤯 🤷🏿 I

Rimeskeem29d ago

Thanks for telling me how I feel. But I can take it from here...

Journalist need clickbait, it's how they make money.

S2Killinit29d ago

Its just that its not fair to attack THE ONLY console maker that actually takes risks by claiming that they wont take risks. At LEAST give them the benefit of doubt when theyve shown that unlike the others, they DO take risks.

Gameseeker_Frampt29d ago


"Rumors are not facts. If it's a fact, provide a source that isn't an anonymous insider."

You literally blocked the story about the PSN store closures because it used the actual website Sony uses to let customers know about changes to services.

REDGUM29d ago

Recent decisions? Please enlighten me.

knightedHollow29d ago

A lot of that is rumors that would be somewhat disappointing if true. But you always gotta wait and see what actually happens.

Sony has delivered every single generation thus far. There hasnt been a single mediocre playstation generation.

TheTony31629d ago (Edited 29d ago )

"You guys act like you’re celebrating the closer of Japan Studio. Do you want all western games going forward?"

I'm a big Gravity Rush fan and i don't like their closure but you and others act as if Sony ditched the entire japanese gaming market. Playstaiton will continue to get a ton of japanese games, with or without Japan studios.

"Rejecting Days Gone 2, and green lighting a pointless The Last of Us PS5 is blown out of proportion? "

Rejectling it for now doesn't mean the series is dead. This happens all the time. Hell, Yoshida turned down a God of War sequel and what happened? Santa Monica rebooted the entire franchise and created one of the best games of last generation. And isn't Bend working on a new IP instead? The TLOU remake is pointless (if true) but Naughty Dog is also working on a new IP.

So yeah, this entire situation is blown out of proportion big time. Just like last year when Sony stayed quiet about the PS5.

hectorius29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Jin_Sakai10h ago
“A lot of us are able to tell when things are being blown out of proportion.”

Please explain how shuttering Sony Japan Studio,***

Japan Studio are PUBLISHERS clueless, with no competition in Japan from MS and Nintendo fanbois mainly only buying Mario/Nintendo games, Japan is ripe for partnerships with Sony ala Dimps

***Dimps Corporation (株式会社ディンプス, Kabushiki-gaisha Dinpusu) is a Japanese video game developer based in Osaka, Japan, with an additional office in Tokyo. It is best known for developing games in the Sonic the Hedgehog, Dragon Ball and Street Fighter franchises. The company was founded on March 6, 2000 by several former SNK and Capcom employees, including Street Fighter co-creators Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto.

Bandai Namco Entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sega Sammy Holdings and Takashi Nishiyama are the major shareholders of the company.[1]***

Or Square/Tencent

Tencent, Sony, Square Enix invest in cloud gaming company Ubitus
Tencent led the funding round, but the amount raised was not disclosed***

Hell even Sony Music [also run by a Brit, Rob Stringer, brother of Sir Howard Stringer, first Gaiijin CEO of Sony... Fun fact, both the Stringer brothers and Andrew House were born in Wales a population of only 3m] has got in on the act publishing games for mobiles via their Enties Label


Last week MBW broke the news that Sony Music Group‘s parent, Sony Corporation, had made a strategic investment of $250 million in Epic Games – the creator of hit video game Fortnite and Unreal Engine.

You might remember, that a number of months prior to Sony’s investment in Epic, the two companies’ already-close relationship resulted in a record-breaking virtual concert in Fortnite by (Sony label) Epic Records-signed Travis Scott, which was watched by around 28m fans.***

***rejecting Days Gone 2,***

Who wouldn't? They pitched Days Gone to Sony, based on a team of 42 devs, Murkins are lazy/whiney and that grew to 120 almost tripling manpower costs then the game got delayed twice, when it released it was full of bugs meaning they had to continue being paid because of their incompetence.

***and green lighting a pointless The Last of Us PS5 remaster is blown out of proportion?***

Yes it is dipstick seeing as how Jimbo gave the Last of Us remaster away for FREE to PS 5 as part of the "Legacy Game" PS 4 list

Batman: Arkham Knight
Battlefield 1
Call of Duty Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
Days Gone
Detroit: Become Human
Fallout 4
Final Fantasy XV
God of War
inFAMOUS: Second Son
The Last Guardian
The Last of Us Remastered
Monster Hunter: World
Mortal Kombat X
Persona 5
Ratchet & Clank
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Until Dawn

So the PS 4 CMOS battery crap was also blown out of proportion.

derek29d ago

@Jin nobody really cares, it's all phony outrage. We buy consoles to play games full stop.

DarXyde29d ago


I don't know about others—can't speak for them. But I can tell you that I'm quite unhappy with the dismantling of the studio. Loved the talent at Japan Studio. They were Sony's great creative studio. They were always the breath of fresh air. I'm not saying the blockbusters are bad. I really enjoy those too. It was just great to disengage from the fully-invested narrative experiences. Adventure games, platformers, and horror titles have historically always been my favorite titles growing up. Japan Studio was great at those and giving them their own flare. Nothing won't with ASOBI, but I really feel that they could have done better to retain the talent and reform some things that allowed for some compromise. I guess I don't mind as long as the old crew can get together and still make those games how they like. I just think it was a mistake for Sony to do that.

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kneon29d ago

I guess Microsoft will have to double down on their recent negative Sony press campaign, it hasn't worked out too well so far.

darthv7229d ago

Sorry but MS hasn't been doing anything negative to Sony. Sony been doing it to themselves.

frostypants29d ago

People here seriously don't know that astroturfing is a thing...

Aarontk29d ago

Good Christ. Some Sony fans are the kind of people that put the free Apple stickers on their car windows. At least make Sony work for your brand loyalty. Sheesh

Jericho133729d ago

PlayStations aren’t just going to stop selling after a bit of bad press. If all this had come out before launch they’d probably have been easier to get, but to the everyday person they’ll just get caught in the snowball effect of ‘It’s sold out everywhere so I need one’.

SpineSaw29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


"Jesus H Christ" Sony has more than earned loyalty for over the last 25yrs in gaming and has been the best of gaming the last 7yrs. What more could one ask for? no one is going to like every decision that is made and while I'm not really a Jim Ryan fan but since he's been the head of PlayStation things have gone very well for Sony. Just yesterday they released a AAA multiplatform Sports game that will be one of the top 20 best selling games of the year and they'll release another AAA game in a couple weeks that looks pretty good IMO and its another new IP from Sony First Party. As far as the remake of The Last of Us goes the people making it have earned the right to do so if that's what they want to do and Sony supports that and why not The Last of Us is one of the greatest games every made. Things are going very well at PlayStation for Sony and they have earned the loyalty of the millions that support the brand more so than Nintendo or Microsoft and I'm not hacking on either of those 2 they are doing well just not as well at gaming as PlayStation.

Ratchet7529d ago

You cannot seriously blame Microsoft for that.

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Sayai jin29d ago

Doomed? Not even close. Then, I never saw any reports that they were doomed. I did see reports on some of the questionable things Sony has done recently.

If anyone thought that the PS5 would start off this gen without the mindshare of console gaming, they're delusional. The PS5 is selling off the success of last gen, and so has every gen for every console. People know they are going to get stellar 1st party games, especially story driven ones.

You have Returnal and Ratchet right around the corner, so they will continue to hedge on!

Robodrake29d ago

Playstation is doooomed. Doooooooooooooooomed /s

purple10129d ago

Doomed, eturnally?. Hehehe

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majiebeast30d ago

And during a pandemic at that.

Orchard30d ago

You mean the pandemic where everyone is stuck at home for over a year... playing video games and binging TV shows? Shocker :P

kayoss30d ago

The pandemic caused a shortage of chips that are used for the next gen consoles. This caused the reduction of how many consoles can be produce. So yes, the Pandemic did have an indirect impact on the sales of these consoles.

SullysCigar30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Yeah and that also explains why Stadia has taken the world by storm... wait... 🤔

Edit @below, I'm not comparing Stadia to consoles. I'm pointing out that downplaying Sony's success in light of the general rise within the industry is a flawed logic.

Orchard30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@kayoss Sure it caused a chip shortage, but it also drove demand for at-home entertainment through the roof. Supply is getting a bit better now, regionally at least, my local Target has PS5 disk and digital in stock for walk-in purchases (still 1 per 'household' though).

@SullysCigar Hard to compare Stadia to consoles. Demand for the new consoles & Switch is way higher than it is for Stadia generally, likely due to it being a full streaming service / streaming only and having a lackluster lineup + pricing model.

A lot of companies have struggled during the pandemic, but the pandemic has been 'great' for game companies' business, with most recording record levels of revenue ('great' because obviously a pandemic sucks).

Orchard30d ago

@mkis007 Which L? I don't work for any of the companies listed in the NPD, so nothing to lose?

SpeedDemon30d ago

They were still able to produce more console than they had at the beginning of previous gens, hence why it's the fastest selling console in the US. The pandemic may have slowed production, but it has also created more demand, which is why gaming hardware sales are up 81% year to date.

Christopher30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

The largest group of adults who buy and play video games on consoles was the largest group to be affected during the pandemic with job layoffs and limited income (unemployment) as well.

mkis00729d ago (Edited 29d ago )

You tried to explain incorrectly that they should sell more during a massive supply shortage. Not to mention unemployment. People being at home is nothing compared to those 2 details.

Orchard29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

@mkis007 “ You tried to explain incorrectly that they should sell more during a massive supply shortage”

Please explain how they can simultaneously outsell the PS4 at launch and have less units available due to a shortage... doesn’t make sense. Sony themselves have said that had more consoles available during this launch compared to last.

Everyone knows demand for at-home entertainment has risen during COVID, that’s why pretty much every major games company including the big 3 are posting their biggest revenues ever.

Not everyone lost their job. The ones who didn’t are typically higher income and higher spenders - the kind of people who rush out and buy a $500 console day one and spend another $140 on games...

I’m completing games at a rate of one per week for the past year plus, due to not being able to do other hobbies, pre COVID it was one per 1-2 months. I’m buying more games than ever, games I wouldn’t even normally buy just to have something to play.

Yui_Suzumiya29d ago

Actually I work in a hospital doing patient care so I've been quite busy 🤣🤣🤣

Flewid63829d ago (Edited 29d ago )

How does this even make sense?

By this logic....Sony, Nintendo, NVIDIA and Microsoft would all be reporting that this is the fastest hardware launches ever for them as well.

It isnt. lol.

WeAreLegion29d ago

People on this site can't be THIS stupid, right? Video games have been selling through the roof during the pandemic. Not just the consoles. The games, too. Animal Crossing? Look at the sales on that!

More importantly, look at retro games. Their prices have skyrocketed during the pandemic.

People want entertainment.

septemberindecember29d ago


"The pandemic caused a shortage of chips that are used for the next gen consoles"

If this shortage was actually affecting anything the PS5 wouldn't have sold so well...clearly the impact isn't that significant since the console continues to be shipped and sell.

Orchard29d ago

@Flewid368 Each company will be hit different with regards to supply chain - but all those companies are reporting record revenue... higher than any quarter or FY prior... during a pandemic.

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30d ago
XiNatsuDragnel30d ago

Imagine if it wasn't a pandemic in the way???

It'll be a bigger gap than Aizen vs the captains in bleach.

alb189930d ago

The pandemic has rise the sells of all videogames, controls, monitors, etc...MS, Sony and Nintendo don't sell more because right now they are uncapable of produce more.

derek29d ago

Accept series xbox , whose numbers are tracking below xbox 1 at the same time in their cycle.

alb189929d ago

Accept what? I can't find SX. If you know where can I buy one in the USA, just tell me and I buy it.

DJStotty30d ago

Summary :

Switch - Highest sales for March in units and dollars

“Nintendo Switch was the best-selling hardware platform in both units and dollars during the month of March,”

PS5 - Fastest selling console in US history for the 5 months since launch

“PlayStation 5 is the fastest-selling console in U.S. history in both unit and dollar sales [through] lifetime sales with five months on the market,”

Xbox Series - no data mentioned

Accessories -

Dualsense remains the top accessory

“The PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller White was the leading accessory in dollar sales for the month of March as well as the first quarter,”

All pointing to a ever growing, and healthy gaming industry.

Milkshake21230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

"All pointing to a ever growing, and healthy gaming industry."

what's up with the dislikes, though?

Duke1930d ago Show
arkard29d ago

No games to play on Xbox, got to do something while they wait for exclusives to be made

JustTheFax29d ago

@arkard no games on ps5 either once you beat astros playroom...unless you want to play godfall and destruction all stars. lol

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