Genshin Impact launches on PS5 April 28, brings 4K support, enhanced textures, and more

V1.5 Beneath the Light of Jadeite update launches same day: meet new companions and build your dream home.

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BenRC01101d ago

My daughter loves this, its actually not a bad jrpg lite.

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Lukejrl100d ago

It's a micro transaction game. They suck you in with reasonable grind to reward ratios. Then once invested crank up the grind.

While free to play, the grinding would never stop. To get everything out of the game is designed to take more money. I am all for throwing f2p games a few bucks for a premium version or remove adds. But not one designed to make you spend more money.

TylerID101d ago

That's Liyue music to my ears. Fantastic news.