March 2021 NPD: Monster Hunter: Rise sales soar to No. 2 in the U.S.

Monster Hunter and Outriders had strong debuts as the gaming industry looks back on a full year under the pandemic.

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VersusDMC27d ago

Surprised Outriders came in at 3rd

And Miles Morales sold more than ghosts and Last of Us 2 according to the past 12 months is low key selling like crazy.

Nyxus27d ago

Yeah I wonder how much it has sold so far. I also wonder what the split between the PS4 and the PS5 version is (in the UK it was around 80% PS5 when it launched).

VersusDMC27d ago

Has to be more on PS4 for it to have outsold last of us and ghosts. Unless every single PS5 owner bought Miles.

Neonridr27d ago

because it's probably one of the best PS5 games at the moment. As as more and more people get the system, they are buying the game. No surprise. It's like why we still see games like Mario Kart 8 chart so high due to new Switch owners.

TheColbertinator27d ago

Fantastic news for Capcom and Nintendo

Neonridr27d ago

Monster Hunter was on the market for 5 days and charted 2nd for the entire month. That's impressive.

Christopher27d ago

Congrats to Outriders, the only new IP up there, hitting third in its first month even if it's having development issues.

Thundercat7727d ago

Spider Man MM still on the top 5 after five months. That's amazing.

Interesting that even when Outriders was on gamepass, people on Xbox preferred to buy the game.

Capcom killing it with MH and soon with Resident Evwl Village.

Nyxus27d ago

Glad to see Capcom doing well with their franchises, I wish Konami would do the same.

VersusDMC27d ago

After Metal Gear Survive and the last Contra i don't want Konami doing anything internally. I want them to rent out IP like Marvel so we can get quality games.

VersusDMC27d ago

The Outriders sales are probably mostly Playstation and PC. It would be dumb to buy it right away on xbox if you have gamepass. Maybe when it leaves Gamepass but not right away. Just like it would be dumb to buy Oddworld on PS5 if you have PSplus.

And yeah there are people who choose to buy something that is on gamepass to support the developer but there aren't enough of those people to make it 3rd on the NPD.

Nyxus27d ago

Well, it's third in the Xbox list as well.

Thundercat7725d ago

If you saw the article, Outriders is number 3 in the Xbox list. That's what my comments was based on. You didn't even saw the article.