Lord of the Rings: Conquest - New Trailer

Electronic Arts published a new trailer for Lord of the Rings: Conquest. Enjoy.

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ironcreed3696d ago

I cannot believe that more people are not hyped for this one. Can you imagine how fun this will be online? I am not big into multiplayer, but this is on I will spend countless hours online with. How about in the campaign mode, you can be Sauron, a Balrog, The Witch King, ect. You can even kill Frodo and take the ring. I mean, come on.

tuneraider3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

...but this is definitely one of them. It'll be fun to beat the game with Gondor, but I can't wait to play as Mordor - at last, the scouring of the Shire... at my hands!!! If I can snatch and grab Hobbits from my Nazgul mount and drop them from ungodly heights, this Q1 09 release will be my top candidate for GOTY. *now hoping against hope for real-time fire propagation a la FarCry 2* Anybody hear if it's gonna support split-screen co-op?