Resident Evil Village Runs at 4K 60fps on PS5 & XSX, 45fps With Ray Tracing On

Capcom has revealed the frame-rate and resolution for Resident Evil Village, with next-gen consoles getting the 4K, 60fps treatment. Check out the frame rate and resolutions for every platform (current and next-gen).

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waverider190d ago

This must be some kind of mistake. 45 frames? what the hell is that?

DJStotty190d ago

That is in-between 30 frames and 60 frames

darthv72190d ago

We hear so much about if a game cant hit 60 then it should lock to 30 and here comes Capcom with a 'hold my beer' and does 45. That's just nuts.

bouzebbal190d ago

Sounds great.. I hope it gets psvr support.

kayoss190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

I laughed too hard at this comment.

Babadook7189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Whole different world for a typical pc gamer. As in running way lower settings.

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BenRC01190d ago

The trailer looks so last gen, it's definitely a last gen graphics engine. Ray tracing is the death of 60fps this gen

PrinceAli190d ago

Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank and games like Forza, Gran Turismo will beg to differ bro

Axel-Foley190d ago

At least you can turn it off and get the higher frame-rate.

CobraKai190d ago

And in the case of Spider-Man, you can have your cake and eat it too with 60fps and RTX. 4K is nice but isn’t necessary.
I think this game looks amazing on current and last gen.

dadavis1992190d ago

Have you played the demo? It’s a gorgeous game. The interior lighting and material work is outstanding, and looks almost photo-real in HDR

BehindTheRows190d ago

On consoles, maybe. Whole different world for us PC folks, particularly those of us with RTX cards considered high-end, such as my outgoing TITAN RTX.

In any event, I tried to tell console fans that this 60-120fps train would eventually crash as the gen progressed and games started to get more demanding. While Village isn’t the most advanced, expect to see this more as devs push fidelity over frame rate. That’s just what sells!

Sirk7x189d ago

The RE engine is great, what? Capcom has been killing it lately.

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CrimsonWing69190d ago

It’s weird that a cross-gen game still struggles to hit 60fps with a next-gen feature turned on... well, there’s always next-gen, I suppose.

CantThinkOfAUsername190d ago

This isn't even full Ray Tracing and a $1,500 GPU will still struggle to hit 60 FPS. You are expecting too much from $500 machines.

snake-OO190d ago

This is still a last gen engine game with next generation features tacked on. To have the game run at 60fps with ray tracing, they would have to rebuild the whole engine that is wholly optimised for ps5/XSX/PC. They are saving that for RE8.

DarXyde190d ago

You're really underestimating how expensive ray tracing is. Imagine a situation where every reflective surface in a game is just waiting for any myriad of light calculations, and done in a realistic manner. There is a reason why even high-end GPUs do this with some compromise and, in the case of NVidia cards, have dedicated ray tracing cores: so that they can focus entirely on that. When you consider that you're only really getting that full ray tracing on NVidia cards using DLSS, it speaks volumes of the burden it places on a card running games at 4K/60fps.

Personally, I actually expect ray tracing to work better on PS5 than Series X; the SSD is faster which is likely to help reduce 4K pop-in and allow for only rendering what is in view. Being a FPS in a closed environment, I think the PS5 can pull this off and be better at maintaining frames. Will it make a big difference? Doubtful. Haven't seen any games that make a huge difference yet, really. I think the real difference will be whether or not you care about trophies/achievements or controller features.

Orchard190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

“ Personally, I actually expect ray tracing to work better on PS5 than Series X; the SSD is faster which is likely to help reduce 4K pop-in and allow for only rendering what is in view.”

This doesn’t make sense - SSD speeds basically have no impact on ray tracing capabilities & in order to ray trace you need to be processing what isn’t in view/everything in the scene... what is not in view can still show up in a reflection on an object which is in view.

Really, we just need AMD to step up and produced a DLSS equivalent that performs as good as Nvidia’s.

BrettAwesome190d ago

@snake-OO this game IS RE8, know...the last one being RE7 and, there's that...

snake-OO190d ago

I was meant to say RE9 not RE8

frostypants190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

People don't understand what a processing bandwidth pig ray tracing is.

DarXyde190d ago


"This doesn’t make sense - SSD speeds basically have no impact on ray tracing capabilities & in order to ray trace you need to be processing what isn’t in view/everything in the scene... what is not in view can still show up in a reflection on an object which is in view."

If a scene is fully ray traced, you may have a point. I don't expect it to be, nor do I expect the reflections to be 4k. If they do go for full ray tracing on all surfaces, I still partly disagree. All it means is everything can be rendered (in and out of view) but the resolution of things out of view is lower until the camera turns (e.g., foveated rendering). The speed of the SSD is actually helpful in such instances where there needs not be such strict attention to what is off screen, but it can still be rendered, albeit at lower resolutions.

anubusgold186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

And Nvidia raytracing is 1.5 times faster than amd because they have better dedicated hardware for it.

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SinkingSage190d ago

This is the power of next gen consoles. Outdated at launch.

darthv72190d ago

That's the power of pine-sol baby.

PersonMan190d ago

When has this ever not been the case? Consoles are weaker than PCs all the time. They have to try to find a balance between price and performance. You can't have everything and expect to pay $500

northpaws190d ago

That's one more than 44, and one less than 46.

With that said, I am glad you found something to complain about, I was afraid for once people would be just happy about something. /s

Jin_Sakai190d ago

4K w/ RT @ 45fps? Why not just drop the resolution to get 60fps?

anubusgold186d ago

@Jin_Sakai Sony doesnt like 1440P lol

190d ago
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RaidenBlack190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

So RT affectionados have to endure irregular frame pacing?

BenRC01190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Love how a bunch of forum dwellers know better than one of the biggest game developers on the planet

RaidenBlack190d ago

Here's DF's take on this, fellow forum-dweller:

Muigi190d ago

Welcome to N4G you new here?

northpaws190d ago


While I mostly enjoyed DF contents, the sole purpose of their contents are the fuel console/pc wars, because otherwise, who cares, just enjoy the game.

RaidenBlack190d ago

yup, but its adoption rate is still at its infancy.

Vanfernal190d ago

I think they should add an option for a lower ray traced resolution that reaches 60fps.

excaliburps190d ago

I’m fine with 45fps as long as it’s stable. I mean, if not, that could be an issue for most, no?

Vanfernal190d ago

Yeah, that's why I said it should be an option. Personally I would rather take a hit on resolution than framerate. The RE engine is very clean looking so even an upscaled lower resolution looks really good. I can't imagine it would be too hard to implement.

Mr Logic190d ago

45fps is unstable by definition, unless you're on VRR. A regular display will only do 60hz, so every third frame is being duplicated causing a constant judder.

TheRealTedCruz189d ago

When my original PC was getting long in the tooth, I locked my FPS in games to the same. It's hard to explain why, but it looked and felt a hell of a lot closer to 60 than 30.

RosweeSon190d ago

I think you should just play the game and see it’s not that major a deal first 😑🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤣

Vanfernal190d ago

Yeah... How dare people prefer to have options. /s 🤦🏻‍♂️

RaiderNation190d ago

Agreed. Miles Morales at 1440p/60fp/RT looks and runs glorious!

Vanfernal190d ago

Exactly! That was the first game that came to mind!

neutralgamer1992190d ago

Hopefully there is an option for locked 30FPS with RT for those wanting to playing with RT. 45 sounds weird. But most games want 60FPS so that 4k option is the best way to play with 60FPS

CantThinkOfAUsername190d ago

45 is the minimum for smooth gameplay (I'd argue that 48 is, at least on PC).

BrettAwesome190d ago

Yes. Especially because most TV's actually have a native 48hz mode to support movies, which run at 24fps. I believe many TV's even have a 96hz mode for the same reason.

Father__Merrin190d ago

Tbh a slower paced game like this 45fps with rt is gonna be great.

DJStotty190d ago

My TV is 50hz, so it is only a loss of 5 frames per second for me lol...

Highrevz190d ago

You in UK? Some TVs here are strange with the hz listing. I don’t fully understand it but 2 of my TVs I assumed was 50hz are detected as supporting 60hz in game mode.

45fps for a game of this pace should be fine and still feel lots better then 30FPS as long as it’s stable.

DJStotty190d ago

Yeah in the UK, i want a 4K/120hz Samsung but i don't want to get rinsed lol. It has dropped a lot and is currently £899.99 so i might take the plunge soon.

I might have a double check tonight but i think when i bought it around 7 years ago it was listed as 50hz, but i understand some panels are listed at 50 but can actually display 60, not sure..

But yeah, i am more than happy with 45fps with raytracing on.

philm87190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

My TV says it supports 4k YUV420 at 60hz with HDR on, can do 120hz at 1080p though. PS5 video output info tells you what your TV can do, was a bit confused myself before looking at that.

@DJStotty, maybe consider a place that sells TVs that didn't quite make it through quality control. I got my Samsung for a bargain price over 4 years ago from here https://www.theelectronicsw... and it's brilliant. Just had the tiniest mark on the screen that you don't notice unless you really look for it.

Father__Merrin190d ago

Well I've been playing assassins creed oddessey at a 45fps lock it's too difficult to get it running at 60 in towns cities etc even with higher end pc hardware. The 45fps lock runs very well you get used to it. So an even slower paced game like RE the 45fpa will be just fine.

Locutus_of_borg190d ago

I looked into this issue awhile ago, from the various pages I read , it said that basically all 50hz tv’s are 60hz .. it’s exactly the same tv, just called 50hz because of being in a Pal region... the Other format, I can’t remember .. ntsc.. or something was advertised as the 60hz

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