Resident Evil Village Gets Disturbing New Screenshots Showing Main Game & The Mercenaries Mode

Following the Resident Evil Village showcase hosted earlier today, Capcom released a dedicated media kit with screenshots and artwork.

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Eidolon23d ago

God I wish I have a PS5 by then, but I'm gunning for those demo timings. Pretty sure it's day one if I have PS5, but not counting on it.

zacfoldor23d ago

I don't preorder anymore, but if I did, it would be Resident Evil Village, lol.

SDuck23d ago

That thumbnail is oh so disturbing.

1nsomniac23d ago

I thought RE7 was a great return to form, especially in VR. Am I the only one who thinks RE8 looks like a completely garbage entry to the series though?

NeoGamer23223d ago

I am looking at this one three ways.

It could be just based on a graphical update to the RE7 engine. In which case it probably won't be that amazing. That isn't bad (They have a good formula here), but it will be no reason for me to rush out and buy it. I will pick it up when it is cheap or there is a definitive edition.

Or it is a total next generation game and after it releases and some gameplay based reviews come out I will buy it.

Or it will be garbage and I may never buy it.

enkiduxiv22d ago

It looks really good, but aren't these shots all from the extended trailer?

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