Capcom Confirms Resident Evil 4 for Oculus Quest

Yes, it's now definite!

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Marcello23d ago

I think i just woke up my neighbors :D

Marcello22d ago

lol all the VR technophobe`s downvoting. Dont worry little technophobe`s flat screen gaming isnt going away anytime soon.
Update: Facebook confirmed this is a Quest 2 exclusive thats a slap in the face to CV1, Rift S & Quest 1 owners.

BongSmack19d ago

Maybe the downvotes are from people empathizing with your neighbours.

Doge23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Man. RE4 really is Capcom's Skyrim. Or is Skyrim Bethesda's RE4?

Anyway, cool stuff.

Orchard23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

That announce was kinda weird... a bunch of PS execs thanking them for their work on PSVR for RE7 and then bam, a VR game for Oculus...

At least it's in a new form factor... RE4 is on just about every platform at this point and I wonder who doesn't own at least one copy...

generic-user-name23d ago

I think we'll see RE8 on PSVR2, but they'll save it for a proper PSVR2 event/State of Play.

Orchard22d ago

Yep, I'd bet a lot that we'll see RE8 on PSVR2, the relationship between Capcom & Sony seems very strong, and Capcom's VR experiences are top class, so I'd be very surprised if Sony aren't hitting them up to be a launch showcase for PSVR2.

Atticus_finch22d ago

RE4 will eventually come to Psvr2. I have no doubt.

HICK23d ago

Yes. Please. It was weird that it was announced for Oculus after PS people (Shu, Cerny, ND and Mm) congratulated them like Orchard mentioned above...

Atticus_finch22d ago

Not really. I think capcom knows Psvr2 will be releasing soon. I'm guessing. There's no chance RE4 won't come to Psvr2

jukins22d ago

Yea was hopimg for a psvr reveal. Id gladly accept the visual downgrade to play in vr. Hipefully still to come or at least psvr2

sourOG23d ago

That’s the first time I’ve ever considered buying an oculus lol. I have a PSVR already it will probably be there eventually. And it’s day one.

camel_toad22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I think you're on the right track considering buying a Oculus, particularly though the Oculus Quest 1 or 2.

PSVR was my first VR system and the Oculus Quest was my 2nd. The ease-of-use makes other VR headsets that require a pc or ps4, wires and either a camera or satellites seem prehistoric and like too much of a hassle.

JEECE22d ago

Yeah, I think I've used PSVR like twice after getting the Quest. The hassle is a big factor, but the biggest thing is realizing how much being free of all the wires and the need for a camera improves the experience.

sourOG22d ago

Yeah I’m thinking about it. There was one game I liked the look of, some Mythology type game that came out awhile ago. I wouldn’t have bought the system for it though. Resident evil 4? That’s a tug of war for me.

Kavorklestein22d ago

W-w-w-wait. You mean you actually love Resident Evil 4?

You dont think it's the downfall of the series like all the try hard diehards (Sony fans who were butthurt that RE4 came out on Gamecube first) and is too much of an Action Game?

We you and me are similar. RE 4 is my personal fave, and I have it on Gamecube, Wii, Xbox 360, and Xbox one. I'd probably get it for Oculus if I had an Oculus. I love it. It is so good and timeless.

Petebloodyonion22d ago

Have the game on Cube, Ps2, Wii, and Steam.
And I will definitely buy it on Oculus.

For me, Res 4 is one of the best 5 games of all time

sourOG22d ago

Lol I even bought the crappy mobile version. It’s my favorite in the series and I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve beat it.

Atticus_finch22d ago

It was the downfall of the series not because the game was bad but because the next 2 games were trying to capture the same greatness.

Petebloodyonion22d ago

I started with PSvr and bought the Quest 2 at launch and it's incredible.
Honestly, I fail to see how I can go back to play with a wire when you have total room freedom.

CrimsonWing6922d ago

I only have 2 VR headsets. PSVR and Oculus Quest 2 and the Quest 2 blows PSVR out of the water. Highly recommend!

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