IGN: Prince of Persia vs. The Sands of Time

This week, Ubisoft brought its Prince of Persia franchise to the new generation of consoles. The Prince of Persia features a new Prince, in a new world, with completely revamped acrobatics and combat. This is a somewhat drastic departure from the last time Ubisoft re-launched the Prince. That came in 2003, with the release of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. When it was released, this too was somewhat of a departure from the classic PC Prince titles. This got IGN wondering, which of these reboots is the better game?

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chaosatom3695d ago

Unique Gameplay.
Great Story Line.

using Sands of Time in POP for the First Time was like Heaven.

Why can't I go back in time anymore?


LarVanian3694d ago

Sands of Time definitely
-Beautiful atmosphere
-Brilliant story and characters
-Innovative like chaosatom said
-Had a very nostalgic feeling
-Very lengthy
-One of the best games I've ever played