6 Games With Surprisingly Consistent Player Bases

Omar Banat: Despite the passage of time, the consistent player bases for these six ongoing games have stuck around through all of the highs and lows.

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B68W1161d ago

Huh, I'm not surprised at a couple of these but I did not think For Honor would have had the staying power that it did. Maybe I should pick it back up....

jukins1160d ago

They switched from p2p to dedicated servers and continued to balance and release content. Especially on ps5 60fps is amazing

isarai1160d ago

How about Warhammer Vermintide, seriously those games slap big time, and i've rarely had an issue matchmaking, but no one ever talks about them

Germaximus1160d ago

DC Universe Online is one and it's a great game.

P_Bomb1160d ago

You can always count on cosplay corner outside the Little Bohemia police station!

VerminSC1160d ago

I’d add Factions to the list. It has a smaller but super strong fan base. My brothers and I have put more hours into factions than all other multiplayer games combined

northpaws1119d ago

I played with my brother so much on Factions as well, 1000+ hours combines from PS3 and PS4, it is crazy addicting and satisfying.

I am still waiting for the new one 😞


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badz14914d ago

Valve can do no wrong, remember?

fsfsxii14d ago

Ah yes, pc gaming aka the bastion of fairness and equity and everlasting online playerbase, all i can say is lmao
Not to mention that these tf2 idiots were the progenitor of mrx in gaming